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Jul 25, 2005 02:20 PM

new restaurant in Chelsea--Sensa

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Just had the luck to be the first customer at a new place in Chelsea, Sensa, on the corner of 5th Avenue and 21st Street.

Yummy food, great service (to be expected on their first day, of course) and a great place for a business lunch in a neighborhood overrun by fast food and delis.

Worth a try.

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  1. thanks i saw that place.

    speaking of new in chelsea: anybody go to the new tiny new version LE GAMIN yet?

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    1. re: mrnyc

      how many does it seat? how expensive is it?

      1. re: pammie

        LE GAMIN? i dk, is in the space of that old nabe isreali place PENGUIN CAFE (15th near 8th ave). can't seat more than a few.

        i'm curious because it has the old LE GAMIN name and style, but i thought all those all places had closed up and the owners left town so i wonder what the story is.

    2. It's actually on 6th Avenue, where Tomato used to be.

      1. We ate at Sensa last night and it was very unremarkable. The chicken in my salad was dry and tasteless. And the service was odd. We had two waitresses serving us but neither seemed to realize that the other one was also serving us. Thus we were twice asked for our drink order and our food order, etc.

        1. Les Deux Gamins reopened on West 10th St., same owner, same menu, larger and more comfortable. It's at the corner of W. 4th. And there's a Le Gamin on Houston with delicious roast chickens being made out front - fat dropping onto potatoes - also same owner.