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Jul 19, 2005 08:11 PM

bubble tea in midtown?

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Anybody know of any good places to get bubble tea in midtown? There are a couple of very good places in Chinatown, but it's too far of a trek in this heat.

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  1. I think there used to be a bubble tea place inside of Macy's at Herald Square but it has closed down. The only other bubble tea place I know of that's not in Chinatown is Saint's Alp which is at 39 3rd Avenue, (3rd Ave and E. 9th.) This place is perhaps halfway between Chinatown and Midtown?

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      saw it at Dishes
      45 street
      mad and fifth

    2. 32nd Street in Koreatown has bubble tea, such as Koryodong. But prepared to see overpriced (as in $5.99 and up) stuff.

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        I went to one cafe which had bubble tea on 32nd St (I can't remember the name), but found the tea almost undrinkable. While the tapioca pearls were good, my normal (black tea) bubble tea had an unpleasant bubble-gum flavor in it. Very slight, but after a few sips I could hardly stand it.

      2. I wouldn't try bubble tea at any store that's not a specialty bubble teahouse. The reason being... if there isn't enough traffic, the bubbles would not be as fresh, the teas would not be as good. Trust me, don't waste your $3+ on a drink that's not up to par.