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Dec 28, 2002 11:33 PM

Dungeness crab dinner in SF

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I will be in SF for one night in January. Would love to over indulge in Dungeness crab that night. I would appreciate restaurant suggestions and your preference of preparation. Thnaks in advance.

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  1. Have you tried doing a search - Control + F. I know we've had quite a few crab discussions over the last month or so... Crab has been especially plentiful this year with low prices to match. We like to just eat plain crab but we also enjoy it wok cooked with green onion and ginger or baked/roasted with butter, olive oil, lots of chopped garlic and a final squeeze of lemon!

    1. I'd check fresh seafood markets that you can eat at and eat there. The crab is generally fresh, cheaper and fun!!

      1. The tourist office is actually holding a crab fest the weekend of Feb 1-2.

        For lunch, try Swan Oyster Depot (Polk & California) or the walkup stands on Beach Street by the wharf, where they will steam a crab to order.

        Many of the best local crabs will come from Vietnamese or Hong Kong style restaurants. Do ask if the crab is local, since they have sources of crab year round.

        -Crustacean (Polk & California) and its nicer sister restaurant Thanh Long (Judah & 46th near Ocean Beach) serve salt & pepper crab and garlic noodles. Not cheap, but reliably good.
        -More modest places include Jasmine House and PPQ, both on Clement near 25th Street. All the places I mentioned have beeen written up fairly extensively on this board.


        1. The Anchor Oyster Bar on Castro (between 18th and 19th) has an excellent crab burger - a generous portion of cold cooked Dungeness crab meat served on a toasted bun. An excellent way to enjoy Dungeness crab without the mess and bother of picking it out of the shell. It reminded me of the lobster rolls that you find in New England.

          Served with a cup of very good clam chowder for $15. The crab burger is on both the lunch and dinner menu.

          The restaurant is very small so you may want to visit during off hours to avoid having to wait for a table.

          1. If you don't mind spending a bit of $$ on dinner, I recommend Thanh Long. They are known for their crab, drunkin or roasted. I prefer the roasted, mmmmm goood!
            It is located on Judah Street out by Ocean Beach. A nice accompaniment would be their garlic noodles. Thanh Long is quite busy during the dinner hours, a reso is always helpful. Enjoy!

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              Sorry, forgot the info.....

              4101 Judah St

              San Francisco, CA 94122-1124
              Phone: (415) 665-1146