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Jul 9, 2005 05:03 PM

ZOCALO's fish tacos in Grand Central Station: NOPE!

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My summer quest continues...finding a decent fish taco in Manhattan.

I decided, "Why not try Zocalo in the Grand Central Food Court?"

I would say they're pretty bland overall. The portion is fairly generous, however they load the 2 fried-fish tacos with so many bland vegetables: cabbage, carrots, etc., that you are forced to eat the tacos with a knife and fork!

The tacos are simply too cumbersome to pick up without causing a huge mess.

The two accompanying sauces --one red, one green-- don't add any real zip to the overall taste. (You can completely skip the rice and beans that accompany the tacos: We're talking canned quality here!)

For the $10 I paid, I'd rather get some decent grub in Chinatown.

So far, my ratings of the 3 Manhattan fish-taco places I've tried:

1) MERCADITO (E. Village): The most flavorful of all. Fried, with just enough spice and sauce. Two tacos. I was warned that they would not fill me up, but somehow I thought it was just enough of a portion for me. Nice texture overall. $9.50?

2) CAFE DE LA ESQUINA (SoHo/Nolita): Grilled. Two fish tacos. Not bad. Fresh, but they don't give enough sauce. Cabbage seemed a bit wilted. $8

3) ZOCALO in Grand Central: Fried. Doesn't work. $10

I have not yet tried the Mexican places around TENTH AVE, nor have I tried JUANITA's on Rivington Street.

I'M TOO SCARED TO TRY PAMPANO'S TAQUERIA for fear of having even-worse tacos than ZOCALO!!

Any other fish-taco reports, please post back here. Thanks.


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  1. i have also not found a good fish taco in manhattan. the best i've come by is bonita on bedford in williamsburg. fish is fried, soft corn tortillas, cilantro, iceberg lettuce, white sauce. that's it. (i like a little chipotle sauce with them, personally.) they are good.

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        I second Bonita.
        Pequena (Ft Greene) has great fish tacos as well. You can have the fish grilled or fried.

        To get this back to Manhattan though- Cafe el Portal (Elizabeth St) has grilled fish tacos. I had them once a couple years ago, but I can't remember how they were. I always order the shrimp tacos because they are so good.