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Jul 4, 2005 08:53 AM

The search for great FISH TACOS continues...please help!

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Hi Chowhounders,

This being summer, I'm on my best-fish-taco quest. Any votes?

This past week, I have had a chance to try CAFE DE LA ESQUINA, the Mexican food outpost on Lafayette and Kenmare, as well as MERCADITO on Ave B.

They were very different. Esquina's were grilled fish with just a hint of creamy sauce and some cabbage. Mercadito's were fried with more generous with their sauce. The cabbage and sauce blended together better at Mercadito's.

I think, overall, I prefer grilled fish to fried. But Esquina was too stingy with the sauce, causing the overall effect to be blander than Mercadito's. I thought with Mercadito's tacos, I could detect different spices -- more of a concept involved.

Anyway, I'm not really into trekking all the way to 10th Ave and 47th to ltry DELLE VALLE's version. So if there are any other fish-taco options that aren't so far out, please share!

P.S. Is PAMPANO'S TACO OUTPOST worth a try? For those of you who have been there, how would they compare to the versions I described above??


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  1. d
    dan o'connor

    Barrio Chino
    253 Broome St
    New York, NY 10002
    Cross Street: Between Orchard Street and Ludlow Street
    Directions: F at Delancey St

    I had fish tacos here about six weeks ago when I was very hungry so can only say that I remember them as delicious and only disappointed by the size of the order relative to the price, around eight dollars.

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    1. re: dan o'connor

      i concur on both the quality and taste, again though not authentic.

    2. b
      Bill Strzempek

      Love the fish tacos as Alma in Brooklyn, they are on the brunch menu, not sure about nightly.

      1. There is (or was) a Mexican-Japanese fusion place (yeah, sounds weird, but lots of good food) that had fish was on either Ave A or Ave B and 12th st.......I haven't been in a year or two, and have forgotten the name.

        Does anyone know what I am talking about?

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        1. re: Peter Flom

          Gone. Closed a bit ago.

            1. re: HamsonNYC

              Yup. Komodo was it. Is it still there?

          1. Don't think anyone mentioned Miracle Grill... I think fish tacos are on the menu at both locations, and they are good.

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            1. re: LK

              Try TORTILLA FLATS on Washington and West 12th(?). They always have a fish taco entree.

              Also, worth a try is Mi Cocina on Jane and Hudson. AMAZING!

              1. re: LK

                I second the recommendation for catfish tacos at Miracle Grill-- def. not for Baja purists but crunchy crust and the asian slaw that comes on them are great.

                1. re: ann

                  i had the fish tacos at miracle grill in park slope recently -- disgusting. not at all the right place to go for fish tacos, in my opinion.

              2. The mini red snapper tacos at The Stanton Social are worth ordering.