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Jul 1, 2005 10:18 AM

Chinatown Bus Eats To-Go

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I'm off to boston today on the Chinatown bus and want to grab something to take out, instead of being forced to eat at the Roy Rogers. I'm thinking of dumplings or noodles, something that would keep well, and that's easy access to the busstop. Any ideas???

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  1. There is a bakery on the corner of the street that the buses are all pointed toward. They should have some roasted pork buns, mabye some with curried chicken, or scallions. Humbo (humbow) is what we call them. Cheap, travel well...

    1. Right across East Broadway there is the place that sell the 'green sandwiches' for a buck. They travel well.

      1. Fung Wah line: You can stop by the market that cuts from Mott to Elizabeth. Look around. They have sushi, prepared hot foods, a bakery, and your standard 'meats and rice' dishes. On the way out of the other end of the market, if you haven't found anything- stop into Dynasty Market. Grab your snacks and drinks for cheap. The bus will be about 2 blocks away. If you've got lots of luggage, I'd recommend skipping the market as it's usually packed leaving little room to manuever.

        The 'other' bus line (closer to East Broadway): Walk along East Broadway. Fung Wah is closer when coming from any of the train stations, which is why I travel with them. I'm only ever down by East B'way if I go to Philly. And I'll have a meal before the 2 hour trip.

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          I believe that would be Deluxe Food, street address 79 Elizabeth on the Elizabeth side.

        2. I was at the Grand Sichuan on Canal right by the bridge. The busses were lined up outside so Im assuming that is the pickup area? If so,
          a few storefronts west on Canal, closer to Bowery
          is a candy store/video store/Bahn Mi place. Not sure if it is still open but if so, Bahn Mi would be an excellent travel food.

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            Buddha Belly

            Avoid avoid avoid Ctown's Grand Szecuan..super oily food, dirty interior

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              not so great Bahn-mi, not No1. Bahn-mi on Broome caliber anyway

            2. I've taken that bus and now there's place right there that sells super jumbo franks (it's Chinese) never had 'em but may be worth a try