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Dec 21, 2002 11:10 AM

Better than Kirala?

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What was the name and location of the sushi place in the East Bay that many have said is better than Kirala?

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  1. Are you talking about the following post?


    1. It might be Sushi Sho on Solano (about halfway up). We went (after some favorable chowhound postings) a couple weeks ago and it was fabulous! The night we went there wasn't a wait (the wait is why I never ever go to Kirala) but there were many tables diners were requested not to sit at - the chef keeps the sushi good by minimizing the number of people served at one time.

      It's a very calming ambience, and seems to me (who's never been to Japan) to be more "authentic" Japanese, in decor and in food style, than other sushi places. The chef treats each piece of sushi like a little artwork. We had salmon, tuna, hamachi nigiri, as well as eel and tamago and kappa maki (cucumber rolls). All were fresh-out-of-the-ocean tasting (well, not the egg and cucumber...). The only complaint I had was the dollop of wasabi under the fish in the nigiri - I'm not a huge fan of it, and it was pretty hard to avoid that jolt to the senses. And I feel it takes away from the delicacy of the fish. But that's minor...

      There was also a choice of about six different miso soups - red miso, mushroom, tuna, and the usual, and I can't remember what else. Ali had the tuna miso and thought it a little fishy, so he traded with me for my standard tofu and seaweed miso. Both were, to my taste, really good and certainly not the prefab miso you get some places.

      There is other stuff on the menu, which we didn't order. And be warned that if you're the type of sushi fan (as I was, once) who only eats rolls, there are very few of them at Sushi Sho. We found California roll down at the bottom of the list very small after we had ordered, which was fine. All the nigiri was so good we didn't miss makis.

      Try it out!