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Lavagna. Yay or nay

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Hey there,

I am taking my fun-loving, chowhound folks out to dinner tonight. My mother was a caterer for many years and likes to try something special when in the big city.

I'm thinking lavagna. If you agree, can you recommend dishes.

If you are thinking that we should stay away, any other suggestions? I've also considered L'impero, Otto, or even mermaid inn.

thank you!

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  1. I've only been to Lavagna once (beginning of last summer), but remember having an enjoyable meal. I think I had the tagliatelle with rabbit ragu and remember being surprised by the generous portion and quantity of meat in the dish. The service was friendly and the atmosphere was laid-back.

    1. Of those choices, L'impero is by far and away the most "special". I'd take that.

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        Spencer Chang

        Everything we had at Lavagna was consistently good and I definitely recommend it. I'm very picky about pasta dishes and theirs were excellent in my opinion. We went for the early bird prix-fixe which is a great deal, but the normal prices are not too unreasonable.

        1. I might be in the minority, but I was disappointed by my dinner at Lavagna last fall. I had a fish dish (bass?) and just found it uninspired. For the same kind of feel and better food, I'd recommend Apizz.

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          1. I love Lavagna and I think it is much better than either Heath or Apizz. I haven't been to L'Impero so I can't comment.
            Lavagna makes a sausage rigatoni that is truly addictive.

            1. Lavagna: One of my favorite Manhattan restaurants. Not terribly formal or fancy, and even a bit noisy sometimes. But comfortable, good service, and excellent food.

              1. I had the whole fish for 2 at Lavagna and it was wonderful. Generous portion and great flavor.

                1. Yay on Lavagna in my book. I also love Hearth but it's a little pricier and more upscale so I guess it depends on what you're looking for.

                  1. I have only good things to say about my experiences at Lavagna. Never been disappointed. I've dined there with large groups and dined alone and its always a good experience.

                    1. I had only a marginal experience at Lavagna after relatively high expectations. I am a huge fan of Mermaid Inn, but I wouldn't necessarily call it "special".

                      I agree with the Hearth reco, but would also consider Assenzio, where there is not only solid food but a fun, East Village atmosphere. Also, E.U. is a consideration.

                      1. I'd go for Hearth, as it also has a very good wine list with the smaller tasting portions...so, you can probably get a different wine to go with every dish.

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                          Hearth is fine but it will cost 40%-50% more than Lavagna.

                        2. One of my favorite desserts in NY is the warm semolina pudding with lemon curd and dried cherries at Lavagna.