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Jun 27, 2005 05:03 PM

Devi -- Restaurant Week Lunch... Anyone been?

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Going to lunch at Devi on Thursday for restaurant week. I know that their dinner deal is pick anything off the regular menu (truly a deal) but anyone know how it works at lunch?

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  1. Devi has posted their RW lunch menu on their website. I've provided the link below.


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      I went last Thursday for lunch on a drop in. It was pretty good though food wise for the neighborhood I would probably prefer to walk over to Tabla. Service was excellent. For some reason I was surrounded by a "ladies who lunch" crowd who seemed pretty hard to please and they raved about the service. I had the Cauliflower appetizer as a starter (server said he thought it was the best of the bunch). Pretty good, basically a sweet and sour cauliflower. Had halibut which was OK though not great...would probably try one of the other choices if I went back. Not much for dessert but I heard everyone who had it rave about the ice cream one. Beautiful and comfortable space. No issue with doing a 2PM drop in with no reservation.

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        I don't think it's even possible to compare Tabla and Devi. Tabla is "new Indian" whereas Devi, to me, is more traditional, like the food I grew up eating at home. And the cauliflower is delicious, authentic Indian-Chinese.

    2. I believe they offer their Restaurant Week lunch six days a week. I think it's excellent, though I wish they'd change the menu more. From both a value and flavor perspective, I'd get the lamb appetizer and entree, which are prepared very differently.

      1. I also went to Devi's RW for lunch and enjoyed it very much. I had the cauliflower appetizer and the lamb chop entree, with the Indian ice cream dessert. Very nice value and delicious. The cauliflower was perfectly crisp with one of the tastiest sweet/sour sauces I've ever had. Lamb was cooked nicely - tender, good flavor, and the sauce rub was plentiful and complemented the meat nicely. The dessert was probably the weakest link for me if only the the citrus juice they used as the base for the ice cream tasted too heavily of grapefruit and not any other citrus flavors.

        My fiancee had the Bombay Bhel Puri's and the baby eggplant entree. I enjoyed my bites of her dishes immensely as well. I don't think you can make a wrong choice with their RW lunch menu. Also her dessert (bread pudding) was better than the ice cream.