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Jun 23, 2005 09:22 PM

Patty melt?

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Craving a really good, no-frills patty melt, like my midwestern mama would have taken me to eat at a Perkins - grilled rye bread, with plenty of onions and swiss. Can this be found in NYC?

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  1. f
    Fat Dog Casserole

    I think somebody has to get themself to a Friendly's pronto! And get a Fribble as well....

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    1. re: Fat Dog Casserole

      I agree that Friendly's always made a great patty melt but things seemed to have changed. We stopped in a Friendly's up near Glens Falls, NY last year and the patty melt was disgusting, as was just about everything else we ordered. The place had the look of a lunch counter attached to a bus terminal. It was a Friendly's in a parallel universe, something I thought couldn't happen.

    2. It will be really hard to find a patty melt on a NY menu. I think I had one somewhere once and it was pretty bad; way too greasy. While a patty melt will never be considered diet food, it needs to be made so that meat is juicy, but not so much so that the bread becomes soggy. It's much more of a California and midwest thing, where a good patty melt can be a thing to behold. Unfortunately, it may be like a great San Francisco-type burrito - just doesn't exist here.

      1. Johnny Rockets has an OK patty melt and I think that most diners have them (Renaissance - 52nd and 9th, Fellana - 33rd and Lex).

        Most of the patty melts I've had tend to be a bit greasy...isn't that to be expected?

        1. Try Burger Heaven - several spots in Midtown. E. 49th btwn 5th and Madison and a few blocks further up Madison. Not bad at all..

          1. There's a Steak N' Shake about seven and a half hours away....