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Jun 23, 2005 03:04 PM

British food/tea/grocer y store

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What's everyone's favorite British tea/grocery store in Manhattan/Brooklyn?

I have to do some dry goods (tea, cookies, etc.) shopping for a party, and I'm curious as to which stores people like.

On a related note: does anyone know where to find fairly inexpensive tea cups?

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  1. Meyer's of Keswick will have eveything you need.

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    1. re: KurtT

      second Meyer's of Keswick. for mismatched tea cups you could try Fishs Eddy's. For asian inspired tea cups, Pearl River Mart.

    2. "Myers of Keswick" in the west village has everything for an english tea. For cheap tea cups, try "TJ Maxx" on Sixth Avenue at 18th Street, they have a gift section in the rear with great discounts on china, teapots, napkins, etc. They usually have packaged teas on sale as well and occasionally tins of cookies. Good luck!

      1. Myers is cruddy. Tea and symp is the queens spot.

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        1. re: chap

          Tea & Sympathy is a restaurant, not a grocery. They have a shop next door called Carry On Tea & Sympathy, but they mostly have snacks and tchotchkes.

          1. re: Chorus Girl

            Carry On Tea & Sympathy is exactly the kind of place that was asked for. I'm terribly sorry I didn't add the 'carry on' part. I kind of figured that one would be able to figure out that it was directly next door. Again, my apologies.