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Jun 23, 2005 10:27 AM

Best Raw Bar

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Hi Chowies! Looking for the best raw bar in town.
Hopefully Midtown but, have craving will travel.
I really need oysters!...Thanks to all.

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  1. aquagrill in the west village!

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    1. re: kendra

      I would search the board - there have been a lot of postings on this subject.

      1. re: MMRuth

        id like to mention that the raw bar at sea grill was puny and weak and way overpriced considering what you get.

        1. re: MMRuth

          I have to say Shaffer City on West 21st. Was there last night and they had an excellent selection of east and west coast oysters. The long island ones were excellent, as were the Fanny Bay from BC.

          1. re: john

            Also went to Shaffer City last night (after the Yankee game). I asked Shane for a selection of Pacific oysters and he came up with two each of Kumimotos, Fanny Bays, Chincoteagues (sp?), Roy Miyagis, Hama Hamas and Cortez. Wife paired her oysters with a delicious Villa Maria SB. I went with gin. It was all good.

            1. re: Steve H.

              yep. agree. enjoy the oysters at shaffer city.

      2. Grand Central Station Oyster Bar is a great place in Midtown to sate your oyster craving.


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        1. re: Edie

          I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. When a friend and I went to The Oyster Bar in Grand Central, we got a sampling of oysters and, while some of them were just OK, a couple had clearly gone bad.

        2. Hands down it's the happy hour at McCormic and Schmick on 52nd in Midtown. .50 cent oysters--THE SAME AS THE ONES IN THE OYSTER BAR THAT COST $1.85 to $2.20. Two drink min, at the bar only between 3:30 and 6:30 clams too

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          1. re: tspinns

            just went recently. now it's $1 per oyster. :(

          2. I remember debating this years ago against Nina W. on this board (what ever happened to her?). She always preferred AquaGrill which is my no.2 to my no. 1, Shaffer City, which for some reason (which I never understood) she didn't like. I guess I win.

            1. Balthzar has amazing oysters! I eat oysters all the time and I really think they are the best in Manhattan.