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Dec 17, 2002 12:08 PM

Le Krewe

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Le Krewe, a New Orleans place on Valencia near 21st, in SF is Kaput... the list gets ever longer....

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  1. That location must be jinxed. Before Le Krewe it was 3 Ring, a very good restaurant that also didn't last too long.

    1. That place deserved to die. The food was terrible and the service wasn't much better

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      1. re: vlibin

        Amen to that. I had no idea that New Orleans food could be prepared so tastelessly but Le Krewe proved that, yes, it could. I suppose that is some kind of accomplishment. Hopefully the curse will be lifted with a fine new place. It's a tremendous location from an objective standpoint.

      2. and before that it was Val 21, another good place. After trying Le Krewe, I really wished that Val 21 had never closed. Or 3 Ring, for that matter...

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        1. re: bubbles

          Not to fear- there is a sign for ANOTHER place [Italian?] "opening soon" on the papered over windows- like Lemmings to the Sea....or maybe this one will break the jinx...