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Jun 18, 2005 12:32 PM

No or low corkage at Manhattan restaurants?

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I'm a fairly serious wine collector, just moved back here recently.

Would love to get recommendations for good restaurants that are 'corkage friendly' - ie, they don't scowl at you when you bring in a bottle, and either have no or low corkage fee (up to, say, $15).

All thoughts welcome. Thanks.

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  1. here's an updated list exclusive of Chese restaurants and other ethnic eats.
    AOC Bedford- No corkage Sunday/Monday, $20 rest of the week
    Aquavit- $35- gracious service
    Atelier- $50- gracious service
    Balthazar- $30, good attitude, good glasses
    Blue Hill- $25, good attitude, good glasses
    Blue Ribbon- $25
    Country Café- $10, good attitude, horrible glasses
    Craft- $45, great service
    Craftbar- $25
    Eleven Madison Park- $25, great service
    Fairway- $10, good attitude
    Gramercy Tavern- $25, great service
    Grand Sichuan- $5, poor glassware
    iCoppi- $15, great service, decent glasses
    Inside- $15, decent glassware, good service
    Jean Georges- $85
    Kitchenette- no fee, no glasses, no corkscrews.
    L'Ecole- No corkage Mondays
    L'impero- $25, one bottle limit
    Mishima- $10, small glasses, decent for riesling
    Montrachet- No corkage Mondays
    Per Se- $75 per bottle, $350 kicker for the sixth bottle
    Savoy- $25, two bottle limit, bad attitude from the wine director
    Share- $15, decent glasses, good attitude
    Tabla- $25
    Tartine- no corkage
    Tasting Room- no corkage if you buy a bottle off the list
    The Harrison- $25, one bottle limit
    Union Square Cafe- $25 (?)- great attitude
    Vice Versa- $15, great attitude, decent glasses
    Zoe- $13, great attitude.

    Notable non-BYO places:
    Le Bernadin
    Peter Luger

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    1. I'd like to add to this list:
      Houston's (no corkage)
      Taksim (54th / 2nd ave--Turkish -- no corkage)

      no BYOB:
      Wolfgang's steakhouse

      1. Just it standard to include a corkage fee for EACH bottle, or is it generally one fee for multiple bottles (I would assume, within reason)?

        We went to The Orchard a few weeks ago, just after they received their liquor license, and brought two bottles as we didn't know. They were not nice about it, and charged us a full $25 per bottle corkage.