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Looking for very good food and service in BEAUTIFUL, OPEN, LOFT-LIKE SPACE

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Hi All,

I would like to find a restaurant in a pretty artist-loft-looking setting.

Something like the space LE MADRI (in Chelsea) used to be in -- on W. 18th & 7th Ave.

High ceilings, track lights, lots of space, etc.

I'm open to different cuisines. Prefer downtown NYC.


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    1. re: a320

      That's what I was going to say - more loft-like than the other suggestions.

    2. Sapa. No queston.

      24th bewteen 5th and 6th. Vietnamese based food (excellent, but not authentic), great wine, service, and space.

      1. 11 Madison

        1. En Japanese Brasserie

          1. Eleven Madison. Four Seasons is very spacious and I personally love the place

            1. Thanks for all the great suggestions, Everyone!

                  1. re: Cathy

                    Thanks for all these great suggestions. I wanted to revive this thread and see if anyone could think of any new restaurants that fit this description. (I've been out of NYC for just over a year.)

                    Thanks, Hounds!

                1. Not sure what meal period you are looking for, but Essex on Essex does weekend brunches and sounds like what you are looking for.

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                  1. re: LES Snob

                    Hi LES,

                    Would EESEX work for a cool dinner? (I'm not really a brunch person.) Thanks!

                    1. re: Liquid Sky

                      The food is good, not great. Fun cocktails and the space seems like exactly what you are looking for. The cuisine isn't overly innovative, but pays tribute to the LES

                        1. re: Liquid Sky

                          Similar. I think Public is a little "fancier," while Essex is a little bigger. The food at public is a little more sophisticated.

                          1. re: LES Snob

                            Thanks, LES. Seems like you know your stuff. Cheers!

                    1. re: ndl

                      ndl: Have you been there recently? I have heard a lot of up and down reviews about Barbuto. Mostlly talking about the service being bad. Also, the seating seems a bit cramped and extremely loud.

                      I appreciate the thought though!

                      1. re: Liquid Sky

                        actually it has been a while. when i was there, it was great though... my toddler nephew was with us and we were walking around the dining room when he got bored. it felt spacious and laid-back, but maybe they're crammed in more tables since then.

                    2. Try Park on 10th Ave in the low 20s, upper teens

                      1. I try not to post or reply to a post unless I'm quite sure I have something worthwhile to say. To add or comment on.

                        I believe I have an excellent suggestion for you: Capsouto Freres @ 451 Washington St., the cornor of Watts > 2 blocks below Canal St.

                        Capsouto Freres has been a constant for longer then I can remember in a very fickle world where quality and intent change from day to day.

                        C.F. serves excellent solid < horrilbe word, but applicable, french fare and to my taste the best brunch in town < I realize this was not in your request. They do not follow the latest trend, but prefer to simply do what they do the best they can.

                        The space is a huge "loft like space" exposed brick walls, large windows that allow in the flood of light, the outside enviorment > day or night helping sculpt a grand (not stuffy) expirence. Relaxing and vibrant in it's overall presentation.

                        I've never had a bad meal at C.F. As this I realize this sounds like a fan's B.S. It is truly an unbiased opinion. I have no problems stating deficencies and negatives in life and in restaurants.

                        I am confident you will enjoy your evening if you do visit C.F. DO NOT PASS ON THE CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE. After your meal, walk the deserted cobblestone streets and find a door unknown that behind reveals spirts and spirted conversation.

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                        1. re: allenbank

                          I agree about the souffles at Capsouto Freres, but I find the food very mediocre. Last visit I had a cassoulet where the beans literally tasted like bbq beans.

                          1. re: Lucia


                            I think many many moons ago - many, I had a very good cassoulet at C.F. but of course I accept your tastes. Cassoulet is a tough one, but the beans should be "correct". The first and base of the dish. I once "traveled" France to find the "ultimate" cassoulet. If you're interested > search the France Board > Le Trou < it was the ultimate.

                          2. re: allenbank

                            allen: I appreciate your input. In the past, I was very curious about CF. Especially since I am PASSIONATE about Grand Marnier souffles.

                            However, their food has been dissed countless times on this board and others. Which made me stay away...

                            Best regards!

                            1. re: Liquid Sky

                              Liquid Sky:

                              I haven't in all honosty been to C.F. for sometime. When they opened and years since, I have enjoyed the food. It was a "base" of ours, when there was nothing else even close < in proximaty or quality. < I guess I am / was a bit of a fan. The Freres, the Brothers Caposuto were alway on hand to make sure things went well while their mama was making SURE the kitchen put out food she / they were proud of. It is too bad that the food seems not to have remained as it was. Everything changes > the lesson: enjoy what's placed before us, what we discover, while it's there, because tomorrow... "Get'em while they're hot"! However, I have no doubt the space still retains its "magic". Think about a late night Grand Marnier Souffle, an espresso... I'm sure you won't be too disapointed.

                              1. re: allenbank

                                Great idea. A pilgrimage for dessert...