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Jun 13, 2005 01:37 PM

Neng myun/cold Korean buckwheat noodle soup

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Now that it's hot, I want nengmyun all the time. My standby is Dae Dong, but is there better? (I think Kum Gang san used to make a pretty good one, but they seem to have gone downhill and Kunjip is good for gal bee but their nengmyun seems mediocre.) Are any of the new places good for neng myun?

I usually get mool nengmyun but recommendations for bee bim neng myun would be welcome too. Thanks!

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  1. Wonjo in my opinion makes the best naengmyun in manhattan. just had 1 for lunch today. the hwe naeng myun. theirs is the chilk black noodles...

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      The best restaurants for Naeng Myun aren't in the city anymore, alas. There are good ones in New Jersey and a few holdouts in Queens.

      You should be able to tell if it's good by the quality of the noodles - should be pretty chewy, not mushy.

    2. Can't vouch for this personally, but my korean aunt and uncle were visiting from LA and claimed to enjoy the nang myun at Kangsuh.

      1. Woo Chon definitely has the best naeng myun in the Ktown area.

        1. Sorry, people, but there's a new naengmyun kid in town. (Actually, not so new since they opened a year ago.) You-Chun at 5 W. 36 St, north side across the street from WooChon, specializes in naengmyun. It's an offshoot from the You-Chun in Queens and has the very dark noodles. The broth is a little sweet for me, but everything else is right on including the almost slushy ice cold bowl and the jug of beef broth on the table.

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            Oh man, You-Chun has the best naengmyun ever - surely beats Dae Dong, where I used to go for naengmyun. Try the boodae jigae at You-Chun as well.

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              Whoa! I'm gonna have to edit my comments above by saying that an even newer contender has entered the market. I haven't been, but I will vault it to the top of my list to try.

              HanJoo at 43 W.33. Looks like another naengmyun specialist, but with even more choices. If anybody beats me there, please post a report.

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                does this Han Joo place still exist?

                1. re: bigjeff

                  Gone. I passed by that space today and it's vacant.

                  A more recent tenant than HanJoo, judging from the date of Pupster's post, was Beijing, a nothing-special Korean-Chinese place ...

                  1. re: squid kun

                    haha, funny! I guess that space just ain't special. wonder if beijing is still open.

                    1. re: bigjeff

                      Beijing's gone too, and I don't think anyone misses it.

            2. Guys, thanks so much for recommending You-Chun (also known as Memory In Seoul). A friend and I had two kinds of naeng myun there today for lunch. Both were spicy, one with beef broth and the other one not soupy but with a sauce that included plenty of sesame oil. I liked the second one even better than the first, probably, but both were great!