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Jun 12, 2005 02:07 PM

casual dinner near kip's bay movie theatre

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Hi All-

Looking for a casual, moderately priced place for dinner near the kip's bay movie theatre (@ 32nd & 2nd). Preferably some place with 10-15 $ entrees and a laid back atmosphere. Any cuisine is fine except mexican/ spanish.


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  1. I had a couple of good meals at Christina's (Italian) located at 606 2nd Ave (between 33rd and 34th St). Also, I think most of their dishes fit the price range you specified.



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      ali baba's on 34th between 2nd/3rd av........hmmmm, might be lex and 3rd. turkish, fresh, consistently good all these years, inexpensive, lovely casual dining.

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      Caitlin McGrath

      I'd recommend either Ali Baba on 34th just east of 3rd Ave, or Waterfront Ale House, at the corner of 30th and 2nd Ave; the daily specials are always good (pastas, sandwiches, game meat burgers, entrees) here, and way more than typical pub grub. From the menu, burgers are very good; salads are good, too, as is the sausages and saurkraut. Very casual, very friendly place.

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        Waterfront Ale House is okay. Went there for the first time the other day. Avoid any "kobe" beef burgers...and if you choose to get a regular burger, make sure you get it cooked right. My medium was nearly well done. Expect mediocre service...Couldn't for the life of me get the waiter's attention.


        1. re: Caitlin McGrath

          Waterfront Ale House is great- and right next to the cinema. Extensive beer selection and a very decent wine selection too. I recommend the pulled pork and BBQ. I've had great service there, so maybe it's hit or miss, but I think it's more hit than not.
          Do a search on chowhound if you want more info. There have been lots of posts.

        2. b
          Bob Makarowski

          on 32nd Street and Park, there's Artisnal; a cheese-oriented restaurant that serves the BEST onion soup in New York; and a damn good rissotto. It's casual but a little pricey (apps between $8 and $15; entrees between $15 and $25)
          If you are more of a carnivore, walk one block north to Wolfgang's. A steakhouse on 33rd and Park (NW corner). Superlative porterhouse, creamed spinich and shrimp cocktails. Again, a little pricey but well worth it. Since your posting is dated Sunday, I have to tell you to check to see if these two establishments are open on Sundays. Want something a little messy yet delicious? Try Carl's Philadelphia cheese steaks at 3rd avenue and 34th street. Not a place to "bring a date and later hope to score" kind of place but the most authentic cheesesteaks in NYC.

          1. Banc Cafe
            30h and 3rd

            Wonderful place.


            1. "Notaro's" on Second near 35th has a prix-fixe dinner for around $20. It's basic italian in a nice setting. For something lighter "Cafe Indulge" on second at 30th offers light meals and coffee and pastry.