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Jun 10, 2005 12:49 PM

Need to find liver dishes in West Village!

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Need some advice from Chowhounders!
I was just diagnosed with a mild form of anemia. In addition to the usual treatments, the physician recommended upping my intake of iron-rich foods, including liver.

I live on Cornelia Street in Greenwich Village - can anyone recommend restaurants that have tasty liver dishes? Any ideas appreciated...

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  1. The Goose Liver Ravioli at Babbo

    1. Had the chicken liver parfait at Spotted Pig recently. Big dollop served with cornichons and toast points. Couldn't get enough!!!

      Also, foie gras and chicken liver mousse at Pastis is wonderful.

      1. Chicken liver is a fairly common topping for bruschetta, so maybe check out the Italian menus nearby.

        What about cooking on a cast iron skillet? Would that help w/iron intake?

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          It does, actually. Hey, get some chicken livers from While Foods and sautee them in a cast iron skillet with some onions and you've really got your bases covered.

        2. Seaweed is a very good source of iron, and hijiki in particular has much more iron than chicken lever. (plus it's a very good source of calcium). Life Thyme has hijikin in their salad bar, and Six Twelve (on 6th ave and 11th street) has hijiki salad. And of course dried hijiki is available at Life Thyme if you wish to cook yourself.

          1. The Red Cat which is located in West Chelsea makes a great dish of calves liver and brocolli rabe. You get double the iron.