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Jun 7, 2005 11:35 AM

Wine store in Murray Hill?

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Any recommendations for a good Murray Hill wine store? Inexpensive or high quality are both welcomed. Thanks.

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  1. Quality House on Park btwn 32nd and 33rd. There also is a small store on 34th btwn Park and Mad., closer to Park. Not sure of the name. Quality House has a wider selection.

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      Windsor wines on 3rd bet 31st and 32nd (w side of avenue) Has a great selection, and the older man who works there really knows what he is talking about.

      Also try Winfield-flynn on 37th and 3rd... selection is good but not very wide.

      Both stores are Reasonably priced

      Happy Boozing!

    2. Not sure if they are 'good' but they are the two we got to:

      1. Probably not technically in Murray Hill ... but we always go to one (not sure of the name, sorry) on 1st between 23rd & 24th and it has a good selection for our tastes and budget and very friendly staff.

      2. Again, not sure of the name, but it is on 3rd between 32nd & 33rd near the McDonald's - they do have a pretty diverse selection, but I only go when in a bind because depending on the day you may have great or rude service. The (who I assume to be) owner sometimes seems quite grumbly when you ask for something and other times eagerly offers assistance. He seems to know a lot. Many of the bottles are either locked behind cabinets (all price ranges) or tied down, which annoys me. Also, they will not take a credit or debit card for less than one bottle/less than $25 ...

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        If you have the time, the best wine store in Gramercy and Murray Hill is the 6 train which will take you almost directly to the door of Astor Wine downtown or Garnet uptown in about five minutes. I live in Gramercy and find buying mixed cases delivered from these places cheaper, more convenient and higher quality than the local stores.

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          Just be aware that while Astor will deliver (for free)any order over $75, and will discount mixed cases (10%), they will not do both. If you want the 10% discount on your mixed case you will have to lug it home yourself.

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            You are correct, but the quality-price ratio of Astor's sale wines is far superior to the local stores mentioned in this thread. I think Garnet overall is better - they discount and deliver mixed cases - but don't like the attitude of some of their salesman, and it's not an easy walk for me like Astor.

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              If you're interested in Italian wine I highly recommend Vino on 27th. I live around the corner from Astor, I'm happy to ride the 6 a couple of stops uptown and do my wine shopping there. No regular sales, but nice people, a nice selection and their discount/delivery policy make it preferable to the 'other' Italian wine store near me.

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          Sorry to butt in on your response, but I think you're talking about the wine/liquor store on the west side of 1st Ave - between 22nd & 23rd, not 23rd & 24th.

          They carry a pretty large selection & the owner is knowledgeable & the prices are reasonable. It's not fancy, but it works well.

          For my own response: There's a small, moderately priced shop on 2nd Ave, b/w 25th & 26th (east side of the street, next to a dollhouse shop & a dry cleaners). The selection isn't large, but they've never steered me wrong.

        3. McAdams Buy Rite on 3rd Ave (west side of Ave. in the high 20s low 30s) has an extensive selection of Long Island wines and very competitive prices. fyti, they have a sale on Conundrum at $19.99 whereas a fellow chowhounder, Caseophile said it regulary retails on the UWS at $26ish.

          an added convenience is you can check the prices before you go at their website

          1. Vino, one of the best Italian wine stores around, on 27th St.

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              Agreed - for Italian wines, Vino is definitely among the best. Knowledgeable help, as well. Try the Ascevi sauvignon blanc for summer.

            2. McAdams Buy Right on 3nd Avenue. Some surprising nuggets on California, Australian (seems like these guys are fans of wines from this country) and French (Bordeaux) wines at more than decent prices. FYI, their internet prices are cheaper than their store prices - hence, if you're buying a few, then go with the internet and have them delivered for free.

              I find I Trulli Vino to be overpriced for their Italian-only selection. Most of their stuff are available elsewhere.