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Jun 3, 2005 02:04 PM

New to NYC & Restaurant Week: please help us choose

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We have lived in NYC for only a few months and this will be our first Restaurant Week. We love eating out, but money is usually a concern. Please give some suggestions of places that are the best value and/or places that should not be missed while we have this less expensive opportunity to visit them.

1. One of us is a very adventurous eater and one of us does not eat fish and is a little less adventurous.
2. We like all types of cuisine & are always up for spicy, bold flavors. As an example, normally we would not be as tempted by Mexican, Chinese, typical Italian, or French as we would by Indian, New American, Thai, Greek or Itlian with a twist.

Please help!!!!!!!!

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  1. In the past, I have had very good Restaurant Week meals at all of Danny Meyer restaurants: Eleven Madison, Tabla, Gramercy Tavern. Last Restaurant Week I went to Eleven Madison with some friends and both food and service were great. They even changed an appetizer to accommodate one of my friends who is vegetarian.

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      Except that the chances of getting a lunch reservation at Gramercy Tavern at this point are fast approaching zero.

      Based on your comment about your tastes, I'd recommend Tabla. Good choices, interesting food, nice room, pleasant service.

      1. re: Fida

        the messa grill is amazing, i havent been for RWeek, but in general the food is inventive and bold but sticks to the basics - chicken, fish, and beef, so i am sure you would be able to find something for your less daring friend!

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        I wouldn't reccommend tabla/ bread bar...i went during restaurant week and the portions were sooo tiny...had to order bread and other food to fill up.

      3. Since Indian is amongst the cuisines that would tempt you, I recommend Devi. Delicious food. Good service. Snazzy atmospherics. Since they offer an inexpensive lunch prix-fixe year round, the $35 RW dinner would be the better value.


        1. The "best" places for Restaurant Week are the ones who don't skimp on service or food offerings during RW. Danny Mayer restaurants are the most popular ones for this, and some will even give you a gift certificate to entice you to come back.

          That said, the "best" choices go very, very quickly. 30 or 28 days in advance, the moment they open their reservations book.

          If I were you, I would look for places that don't take reservations, and get there, early. Perhaps Tavern Room at Gramercy Tavern. OR do some calling around and get the wait list for places.

          It may be too late to get the best RW experience this time around but just count yourself well-armed for the next RW!

          1. I just got the menu for park avenue summer and it looks great!

            1. The original comment has been removed