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Dec 11, 2002 01:21 PM

Mission Yucatan Restaurant

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I heard rumors that there is a restaurant on Folsom street that has cuisine from Yucatan. Does anyone know its name and location?

Thank you. I am eager to try and would gladly report back.

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  1. [from chownews]

    Lol Tun [Mission]
    Folsom, between 19th & 20th
    San Francisco

    Lol Tun's specialty is Yucatan cuisine. Main menu offers standard Mexican and Salvadoran, but mixed in are some regional specialties. Salbute is similar to a tostada (fresh deep-fried corn tortilla topped with lettuce, cabbage, chicken, onions and avocado with deeply charred green salsa). Poc chuc is charred pork and onions with a spicy, smoky salsa. Relleno negro is a bowl of inky black broth full of shredded turkey and onions, with side of "meat loaf of sorts, filled with chunks of eggs" (*shocker*). Escabeche entutido is turkey in broth with onions and that "meat loaf." Panucho is similar to salbute but with crispier tortilla. Don't miss delicious agua frescas (horchata, sandia [watermelon]).

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      thank you!! I love relleno negro. Will report back.

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        Let us know if they have papa dzuls (egg enchiladas in squash seed sauce). A simple but lovely dish!