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Jun 1, 2005 09:19 PM

Best preparation of sweetbreads

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Where can I find the best sweetbread dish in Manhattan (or Brooklyn)?

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  1. i

    My vote goes to Craft

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    1. re: I_<3_NYC_FOOD

      people seem to love craft's...i like gramercy tavern's a lot...but thats about it as i think the restaurant as a whole is very 'meh'

      1. re: sam

        I still think GT's are the best in the city. The Craft sweetbreads, while good, can't hold a candle the the buttery, perfect rendition at GT.


    2. I haven't been to Craft (although now I am REALLY wanting to try their sweetbreads), but the ones I had at Babbo were prepared quite nicely.

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      1. re: MM

        I agree that it's Babbo.

      2. I can't claim to have done much comparison shopping, but I enjoyed the sweetbreads at Blue Ribbon quite a lot.

        1. I have not had them in a while, and they are on the menu only occasionally, but Chantarelle makes a very good preparation in an orange sauce with, I believe, leeks.

          1. I may prefer Craftbar's to Craft's at the moment. La Luncheonette has a fine sweetbread salad.