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May 26, 2005 10:39 PM

Fried Chicken - in nyc

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Is Charles still the best fried chicken in NYC?

Looking for extra crispy meaty chicken

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    david sprague

    Charles is still my favorite by a wide margin -- Jacques-Imo's on the UWS is actually very good as well. It seems pricey, but you get four nice pieces (I'm a white-meat fan, and they manage to keep that juicy) with sides for your $.

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    1. re: david sprague

      I've also had some good fried chicken (& sides)at Delta Grill on 9th Ave (W.47th St?), although it's not a destination place. But, if in the neighborhood with a craving for Abita beer and fried chicken(& maybe fried okra and green tomatoes)...

      1. re: Steve R.

        Maroons has got some darn good chicken, too.

        1. re: BackyardChef

          Second Maroons, though it won't satisfy the heavily battered crowd. Charles is also awesome when freshly fried. Those plus Popeye's would be my suggestions.

          1. re: a&w

            how can you suggest popeyes...i have seen that before on chowhound. i'm talking fresh homemade fried chicken

            1. re: outofmymind

              Just because Popeye's is a fast-food chain doesn't mean that the food isn't "fresh". They do start off with fresh chicken, marinate it in store, and then batter and fry fresh through the day. The fact that many hounds do suggest Popeye's when referring to fried chicken earns the joint some respect.

              1. re: a320

                Popeye's? No way! They might have been good years ago, but the 2 Popeyes I'd gone to sucked. Greasy & heavy, flavored with probably just salt & pepper.

                1. re: pinkylechat

                  I just came back from the Popeye's on 14th and 6th and the fresh out of the oil spicy was excellent. The batter was crunchy and spicy. Not greasy or heavy at all.

            2. re: a&w

              I'll also do Popeye's in a pinch, especially piping hot out of the fryer with some biscuits. Yum.

              I had some Fried Chicken from Blue Smoke a few weeks ago at an event they catered in it was surprisingly tasty and moist, even coming out of a chafing dish. I would say it is definitely among the best on the Isle of Manhatta right now.....

      2. Yes, in Manhattan. But I hear that Blue Ribbon makes quite a good version (for much more $$$) as well.

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        1. re: Steve R.

          Blue Ribbon makes a fantastic version, though it's very much on the light side.

        2. Where is Charles, can't find it on menupages.

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          1. re: Ted

            Charles' Southern Style Kitchen, on Frederick Douglass at 151st St, Harlem. Dont expect much (any) ambience & it's a self serve buffet, unless you're going for take out. Try to catch the chicken when it first comes out -- unbelievable.

            1. re: Steve R.

              Thanks, I'm going to be in that area this weekend and now know where I'm having my lunch.

              1. re: Steve R.

                Charles cooks at Rack and Soul on 109th and Broadway-it is his recipe and quite delicious. Also, a much nicer ambiance too

                1. re: samiam123

                  They also sell Charles' at 125th and Lenox next to the Starbuck's...not that I am advocating his chicken...I think I would opt for Popeye's as some posters have already done.

            2. not traditional fried chicken but the ginger fried chick at lovely day is really nice. they have smaller pieces, not battered but the flav delish.

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              1. re: sam

                Good call on lovely day. I lived on their ginger chicken too (although it can be crazy greasy on occasion). They seemed to have altered the recipe in the last month and now use less batter making for a lighter coating. I liked in better the way it was before.

              2. Charles' is still very good, but my vote for the best goes to the good ol' M & G, on 125th. "Old fashion but good!" (sic)

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                1. re: sam the man

                  OK... let me get this straight... did someone JUST trash Popeye's???

                  I'm a big fried chicken fiend (from the Chinese "zha zhi", Korean-style, Southern-fried, beer-battered, to chicharonne...) and Popeye's, my friends, is a top contender.

                  Yes, the chain down south near Louisiana is better (or at least their dirty rice is), but its better than most of the fried-chicken shacks out there in this city.

                    1. re: cho231

                      Good point...and don't forget the chicken chain North Carolina...I think even our poor Popeye's might still outshine their chicken thought they have us on the fries and sweet tea!