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Sip Sak or Taksim?

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Putting together a dinner for three tonight in the East 50s, not sushi, not expensive. Also, we are looking for someplace not-too-loud. Considering these two Turkish places, but have been to neither.

Can anyone recommend one over the other? Reviews for Sip Sak on the board are mixed, and I couldn't find anything on Taksim.

Thanks for any feedback.


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  1. The two places are similiar, but I think that Sip Sak has better quality overall.

    1. SIP SAK hands down ... Taksim used to be called Efendi when Chef Orhan Yegen was there. Taksim is now run by owners of a local Italian restaurant ( enough said ) . Chef Yegen has since closed Efendi and opened up Sip Sak . Best deal in NYC as far and I, and many of his loyal customers are concerned. His reviews and superb as is his food. He just happens to have a bit of a temper. Many perfectionists are that way. Rememeber this place is cash only . The chef once explained to me that this is why he is able to keep the prices so low . Well worth the stop at the local cash machine ... Enjoy

      1. The issue of Orhan's personality aside, on a pure food basis I'd now take Taksim over Sip Sak. It's just more consistent, particularly the doner, which Sip Sak now seems to only offer at lunch. The bottom line is: if you're just ordering the dips, you can't go wrong at either place.

        1. I had dinner at Sip Sak but didn't really enjoy it. I remember having good takeout at Taksim.

          1. Taksim has very good food (except bland vegetables stew), especially great cold appetizers. The offerings at SipSak are broader. (but..Who wants to have a large
            tv screen on while you are dining?) The grilled large fish over salad is the bargain at either location.

              1. I have been to both these restaurants at least ten times (they're my favorite Turkish restaurants in the city), and I disagree with Smooth's post that Sip Sak is "by far the way to go." I think they're tied when it comes to mezze, but I would give Taksim the edge on service and general food consistency (particularly the entrees), and Sip Sak more points for atmosphere and breadth of offerings. In any event, both these places blow away Turkish Kitchen, whose popularity baffles me. I find it pretentious, overpriced, with dumbed-down under-seasoned flavors. Their taramasalata is a joke compared to Taksim and Sip Sak's.

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                  Coming to the defense of Turkish Kitchen.... Regulars on this board know that it's a favorite of mine. We've been there countless times dating all the way back to when Yegen was still involved, and the food has remained consistently excellent over the years. In fact, I think it's currently better than ever.

                2. I enjoy the Turkish food at Sip Sak and never had a problem with the owner's personality. I met him once at the original location on Second Avenue (which is now called Taksim with new owners)and since then he's always remembered me and greeted me warmly. He's not a corporate "Lettuce entertain you" type and very hands-on old world like in Europe.

                  I enjoy the mezze and various entrees there. The yogurt dip and bread is outstanding. I've never tried Taksim on 53rd Street but recommend Sip Sak and have had both lunch and dinner there. Why not pop in and do a small take-out from both to get a feel for it before you go for a sit-down dinner?