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May 17, 2005 10:53 PM

best burger

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Went to Donovan's in Woodside (Queens) to try timeout's (and Jim Leff's?) #1 rated cheeseburger. Still prefer corner bistro and burger joint at the Meridien. Think I'll stay in Manhattan (unless I'm going to Sripraphai for Thai

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  1. Try the shack burger from Shake Shack. Ranks right up there.

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    1. re: Nina W.

      I'm skeptical but will try. Heard the fries and shakes don't cut it though. True?

      1. re: guttergourmet

        Corner and Joint are my faves, but I think Old Town belongs, have you been?

        1. re: toddb

          nope-always meant to. Do they also serve hot dogs? Around there I also like silver swan for German.

          1. re: guttergourmet

            Old Town is nothing special, and the patty is a little small. You might hit on a better burger in any random pub.

            1. re: Wilfrid

              I second that. I like the atmosphere - very Old New York, tile floor, high ceiling, and massive old bar. As I recall the beer list is decidedly underwhelming.

              The burger itself is pleasantly average - similar burgers can be had in dozens of pubs around the city. Certainly not a candidate for "best" lists.

        2. re: guttergourmet

          True. Fries and shakes are fine, but nothing extraordinary.

          1. re: guttergourmet

            I find the fries to be below average. Shakes are good - the root beer floats are phenomenal. For concretes...I suggest the concrete jungle. Yum. They also serve a well balanced Arnold Palmer.

            1. re: guttergourmet

              Love that Shack Burger. Got one the other night where the butter(?) had created a crisp outer coating to the patty. Delicious but deadly...

              The fries are tasty if freshly fried. Otherwise, they lose heat quickly and are average-to-below when cold. BTW: they were using shoe-strings instead of crinkle-cut recently. Does anyone know if the change is permanent or temporary?

              One last tip: try going at odd hours or when the weather is not as nice. Much as I love the food, it is not worth waiting in those ridiculous lines I've witnessed recently.

              1. re: a&w

                we were there just monday and had crinkly fries. they were fine, but as others have noted, nothing special. shack burger, on the other hand... yum.

                1. re: a&w

                  I generally find that the line dissipates pretty quickly at night. I've gone a couple of times around 7:30 and have had no wait at all. On the other hand, Monday at around 6:30, there was a decent, although not overwheling, line, so I chose to go elsewhere.

                2. re: guttergourmet

                  My two cents: Burgers and shakes are very good. The fries are AWFUL.

                  1. re: guttergourmet

                    This may be true, but you asked about the best BURGER! :-) Definitely give the shack a try!

                  2. re: Nina W.

                    by the way, how did you like ushi wakamaru? Very authentic and I like it but prefer others. I also always have to stop by DeMarco's next door for a slice afterwards.

                    1. re: Nina W.

                      I truly love the Shack burger but when the lines are too long, I'm on the run or just a bit peckish, my current fave is the "other" Burger Joint (on 3rd Ave near 20th)

                      check out the pretty accurate review from "The Gothamist" linked below.


                      1. re: bk

                        Had my first Shack burger this weekend.
                        Definitely a contender for best burger in the city.

                        1. re: AimeeD

                          I went Saturday for the first time as well. Although it was one of my favorite burgers (I am a PJ Clarkes fan too), ANYTHING tastes good after waiting over an hour for a burger and shake. Thank god the weather held up!!!

                      2. re: Nina W.

                        My view of the Shack Burger has improved considerably since my first one early in the season. I've decided to starve myself all day one of these days so I can do a burger joint/shake burger taste test. I think I prefer burger joint, but the taste test really is the only well to tell for sure!

                        1. re: Nina W.

                          P. J. Clarke's - 915 Thrd Ave. 212-317-1616
                          Delivers to 50th St. to 60th St., Sutton Place to Madison Ave.
                          They will not tell you the name of the butcher that supplies their ground beef,
                          even if you get down on your hands and knees and cry.

                        2. As long as you were traveling outside Manhattan, you shoulda gone to PETER LUGER'S for their hamburger. The BEST!

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                          1. re: BurgerBiter

                            I have to agree, its the best burger I've had in NYC (although I haven't eaten every single one -- yet).

                            My complaint with Lugers is you order the burger and the french fries, and they give you a tiny little thing of four french fries. I asked why so small, and the waiter got all huffy and said "well, what do you expect? you didn't order a whole order of french fries." Well, I expected to have more than four french fries if I ordered them, which I DID! Irritating. As great as their steak is, I must say I'm sick of their attitude....

                            1. re: bigskulls

                              I have never experienced bad attitude at Luger's, but that's another thread for another day.

                          2. i have to say that the corner bistro does nothing for me.

                            two burgers I like quite a lot are the cheesburger at A.O.C. on bleeker off 7th, and the spinach, goat cheese, red onion melange one at elephant and castle... more shi-shi than the corner b, but much tastier.

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                            1. re: kiki aru

                              I LOVE Corner Bistro. First went there back in 99 as an NYU freshman and have been going back ever since. The perfect toppings, great flavor, juicy, and a medium rare burger really is medium rare. It's also a favorite place of mine to take friends from out of town, what with the ambiance, latenight hours, decent jukebox, and McSorley's. I've had some great burgers in the city but still, nothing else has reached the ecstatic heights of burger heaven that CB can take me to.

                            2. In Manhattan Mollys on 3rd
                              outside Manhattan Waterfront Crabhouse in LI City (I kid you not)

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                              1. re: Jerry

                                molly's is good .
                                the place is very comfortable...especially when you play hookey on burger friday (afternoons)

                                tried it recently.
                                the burger is rather large. i split it with someone and was full....not so flavorful....i dunno it did not wow me ..although the service was great and so was the beer.....

                                1. re: namreb

                                  Had our second Molly's burgers last night. We were just as impressed as the first time and will definitely be back.

                              2. The Southern fried Chicken burger at Royale on Ave 9 is ridiculous. Not your beef burger but you gotta try it. Fried crispy chicken, melted american cheese, and slices of jalepeno peppers for a nice kick.