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May 14, 2005 11:01 PM

Ukrainian Festival on 7th Street

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only a few food vendors, but the stuffed cabbage was fresh and fantastic (served without tomato sauce but with optional onion garnishing). the perogis were pretty good, too. small as it was, nice to be at a street fair in nyc without moz-arepas and big chair photo booth. sunday is last day.


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  1. m
    Maxine Miller

    Thank you for your post. We had a great time and the cabbage was remarkably fresh, and delicious!

      1. re: jnovello

        From the link that OP posted in May 2005......

        East 7th Street
        between 2nd & 3rd Avenues
        New York, NY

        Friday, May 18 · 4pm-11pm
        Saturday, May 19 · 11am-11pm
        Sunday, May 20 · 1pm-5pm

        Delicious Ukrainian Foods
        Ukrainian Dance performances
        ... and much, much more!

        Sponsored by St. George Church

      2. Thank you so much. My parents were married and I was baptized at St. George's.

        We are planning a trip there at the end of May. I will just miss the fexitval by a week.

        1. I live right down the block from St. George's. I find the fair fun and do buy food there, but I wouldn't suggest that anyone make a special trip just for the food. It's pleasant but not great.