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May 3, 2005 07:00 PM

LOVE the ROQUEFORT BURGER at Burger Heaven: Any other places make a great blue-cheese burger??

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I think the roquefort burger at Burger Heaven is awesome!

Unfortunately, Burger Heaven (the Eastside chain) raised their prices significantly.

Anyplace else do a butt-kicking blue-cheese (though preferably roquefort) burger??


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  1. The Spotted Pig has an terrific roquefort burger. You'll have to wait for a table - but it is good!!

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    1. re: sman2

      SMAN2: Is that the pub-like restaurant in the West Village? Wow, that place gets crowded!

      1. re: Pot Belly

        yes it is and yes it does. You will have a wait unless you go well off hours. But imo that's because it's one of the best new places in the City -- and they only serve one burger and it is reoquefort all the way!

        1. re: sman2

          Hint: Go on Sunday and plan to arrive at 2:00PM - not a bad wait, if at all, at that time. At least that's my experience over 4-5 trips.

      2. re: sman2

        I'm with you sman2, their roquefort burger is stellar. I usually don't wait for a table, though--they offer the full menu at the bar. You'll get your beers much faster that way, too!

        It'll set you back at ~$16 a pop, though ...

      3. try the Blue Max burger at the Silver Swan (20th btwn Park & Bwy)

        it's hand formed burger with a slab of blue cheese, topped with crispy bacon on an english muffin. It usually comes with a side of roasted potatoes but i think ya kind get any side ya want

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          Second this one, with an imported Black Lager on draft. Yum.

        2. Blue Smoke does a nice one.

          1. If you're a blue-cheese maven you might like what Island Burgers and Shakes on 9th Ave. (bet 50 and 51st) does with them. Many reccommend it, but I found my Black & Blue too intensely blackened and blue'd. Definitely butt-kicking.

            1. Cedar Bar's standard burger is fantastic with bleu and bacon. Goes great with pitchers.