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German food?

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Is there good German food in Manhattan? I'm coming to visit, and would love to find a great joint. Where I live there is nothing noteworthy. I'm staying in Midtown, location doesn't really matter, but close would be a plus.

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  1. Loreley is my favorite in Manhattan. But nothing to write home about, unfortunately, except the kaese-spaetzle,

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    1. re: Nina W.

      Loreley knows beer... and I'm not a usual beer drinker.

      1. re: Delilah

        As well as some terrific pretzels.

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          so how does it compare to zum schneider's beer list? i bet they dont have aventinus on tap!

      2. Zum Schneider certainly seems authentic for beer garden food and the beer is great.
        For Austrian food (same language and zeitgeist?) take the subway to Queens to Thomas Beisel (sp?), search the outer boroughs board.

        1. Rolf's on 22nd and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan- Yummy and Festive

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            Rolf's is overpriced and the food is mediocre, but the atmosphere/decor is fun and unusual.

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              I live on the same block as Rolf's, and I love it for a drink with all their wacky lights and birds and everything. The food (well, this is actually a non-preference for German food in general) is very heavy, but not horrible. The best part is that the wafting Rolf smells coming from the kitchen, which I can sometimes smell from my window. It's kind of gross, but I also kind of like it. I wouldn't say it was a destination, but fun/fine if you're in the nabe.

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              Cannot recommend Rolf's either. Bad quality and expensive.

            3. You could do a lot worse than Zum Schneider. Just be prepared to wait. Not that I mind, it's just more time to enjoy their hard-to-find German brews.

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                Zum Schneider has the best authentic German food in Manhattan - it's on Ave B which is a hike from your hotel but worth it. Lorely is good but not as tastey as Zum Schneider.

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                  Zum Schneider is at the corner of Ave. C and 10th St. Go there when the weather is nice and sit outside.

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                    zum schneider is on the corner of 7th and ave. C. it is delicious

              2. If you are in midtown you might try the 'wurst' cart which is on 55th st and 5th Ave -- Tues through Fri from about 11:30 to 3. It's just a cart but it is quite good and authentic, with a wide variety of wurts.

                1. In midtown, there is Hallo Berlin, on 10th Av., b/t 44th & 45th Sts. I've never been, but I recall some Hounds posting that the food's pretty good.

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                    Hallo Berlin is pretty good and very good for the money. Good Gemran beer on draft too.

                    Similar to Hallo Berlin is Lederhosen, 39 Grove btw. Bleeker and Bedford, in the Village.

                    Both are mostly wurst of various kinds with some other stuff. You can see Lederhosen's menu at their weebsite, link below. I prefer Lederhosen because the beer is cheaper, and I get better service.

                    Link: http://www.lederhosennyc.com/pages/9/...

                  2. if Grossdeutschland is okay --

                    Cafe Sabarsky for coffee and cake

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                    1. re: Chuck W.

                      Sabarsky is Austrian, not German.

                      1. re: Nina W.

                        Sorry, I was being obscure. At the time of German unification, there was a debate over whether or not Germany should include Austria and thus be "Big-Germany" -- Grossdeutschland.

                        Regardless of the politics, Sabarsky is a good place for coffee and cake.

                    2. You could also check out Silver Swan - not transcendent and a bit expensive, but good schnitzels and schlactplattes. Great potato pancakes and beer selection. FYI, I believe around 9 or so on Saturday nights the bar in front turns into a "nightclub" (restaurant in back remains such) where cross-dressing seems to be a dominant theme. 20th St b/w Pk Ave South and Bway.

                      1. where are you coming from?
                        quite frankly, this is not a place known for its Teutonic cuisine.

                        1. My German friend Andreas is always happy at either Rolf's or Heidelberg. Hallo Berlin is good, but lacking the atmosphere of the other two.