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Apr 28, 2005 07:20 PM

Bobo's in Chinatown now gone

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Many years ago there was a Chinese restaurant named Bobo's in Chinatown (it is now gone). They had 2 dishes I never could find in any other Chinese restaurant. IRON STEAK: Thick cubes of a tender steak that were stir-fried in a dark sauce. Incredibly good. FRIED SHRIMP WITH RED SAUCE. A delicious fried shrimp and a tangy red sauce unlike any other I have ever tasted. It came on the side to dip into. Do these dishes ring a bell with anyone and where? I have seen this dish elsewhere but it always tasted like hell!

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  1. BoBo RIP
    this was my family's favorite Chinatown restaurant throughout my tween and teen years (we're talking 60's/70's). It was quite small, maybe 12 tables, so always a wait. In hindsight, is anything worth an hour wait? In the winter, the "line" compressed into a tiny vestibule to escape the cold. The standout dish was the "Special Shrimp" a fantasia of sauteed jumbo butterfly shrimp in a killer sweet and sour sauce. I think it was on a bed of shredded iceberg lettuce, which tasted great with the sauce. It was truly ethereal, especially to a 14yr old's developing palatte. I also remember the steak. They served that wonderful honey coated deep fried pastry "honey cake" for dessert.
    My fondness for the place is laden with nostalgia, I actually think I'd find it all rather sickly today. Then again, maybe not.

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      20 1/2 Pell St. Not even big enough to have its own address.

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        Wow! This was my family's favorite Chinese Restarant as well. "The Home of Chinese Actors" and the menu was simply set up for the number of people in your party, everything was delicious there!

    2. In late 50s and 60s this was our family's go to place for Dim Sum on Sunday afternoons. They also had delicious steamed pork buns. We never went there on other days, and I don't think we ever ordered anything other than Dim Sum.

      1. I am sorry that it is gone.
        It holds good memories of some great Chinese food in the past.

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          Bobo was my go to place when it was open. Hated to see it close. The shrimp and the steak dishes were by far the best dishes I ever had in a Chinese restaurant. Also don't forget there egg roll which I still cant find anything to compare with it. And also do you remember the two nasty women who ran the place.