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Albertson's pre-cooked Turkey dinner report

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[yes, it would *seem* that this would belong in the general board -- but apparently they didn't offer this nationwide. The lady at the 800 number for reservations seemed baffled by our request until we said we were in the SF bay area. Go figure.]

We wanted a traditional turkey dinner, all the trimmings, but cooking for just two didn't make sense. Looked at all the restaurant offerings posted here (and elsewhere)... all looked okay, but we weren't in the mood for a $50/head dinner. So we looked at the grocery store "pre cooked dinner" offerings.

Andronico's looked great, but for $100 we may as well dress up and go out! (if you wanted just the turkey itself, it was $65). Whole Foods might have been tastier, but their web site didn't list what all was included! A major sin.

So we signed up for an Albertson's one. It was $35, and came with: 10lb pre-cooked turkey, 2.5lb stuffing, 3lb taters, small pumpkin pie, 12 potato rolls, and gravy. They take appointments; we could have gotten it on Thansgiving (hence no need to store it at all!), but didn't want to deal with crowds, so got it Tuesday and celebrated two days early. ;-)

The turkey was succulent, although the brine it soaks in was very salty. Still, rip off the skin and the inside was tender, juicy, and not too salty. Only took two hours to heat, so, in my opinion, { cooked turkey + laziness factor + lack of need to store it } was worth the money.

Stuffing was tasty, but salty (a trend). Not quite what I'm used to, but more convenient, and not bad. The gravy was... well, gravy. Rolls were quite good.

Mashed potatoes were vile: milky and gluey. We just tossed them. Pumpkin pie was edible, but nothing amazing. We prefer heavy spices, and this was very toned down. It'll probably also get tossed at the halfway point.

All in all, not a bad experience. We've gotten three meals out of it -- leftovers make good turkey sandwiches. Next year we might try Whole Foods -- or see if we can just get the precooked turkey.

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  1. It seems like buying the pre-cooked turkey doesn't really save you much if it took 2 hours to reheat it. My stuffed, 12.8 pound turkey took just under 4 hours. Prepping the stuffing and washing the bird took about half an hour. I guess the major savings is not having to grocery shop and chop up vegetables. But, if you're throwing out the potatoes and pie, it seems like you're going to have to replace that with your own so you're going to have to do some cooking anyway.

    By the way, I used to use Albertson's turkeys for my dinner until I noticed how salty it was one year. Never used it again.

    Thanks for the report. I'm always interested in how good the pre-cooked dinners turn out.