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Apr 8, 2005 08:07 AM

Best view with great drink or food - mid-town

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I am looking for an huge window - spectacular evening view of NYX skyline - bar or restaurant - preferebly indoor as nights are still cold. Preferable locations midtown - broadway or 42nd street

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  1. The Rainbow Grill on 49th and 6th has a great view. The URL is:

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      Are there any other suggestions, as the Rainbow Grill is currently closed.


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        Top of the Tower - Beekman Hotel (haven't been in a while). I thought the Marriott Times Square had a spot at the top of the building, but I may be wrong about that.

    2. The Top of the Tower is *probably* finished with their renovations. We've eaten there many times and while the food's not "four-star" it's quite good and nicely prepared.

      Asiate in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a splendid room with good food and a knock-out view.

      1. I just checked the website for Top of the Tower at the Beekman Tower Hotel. The site is displaying photos of the newly-renovated space. As they say, a picture's worth a thousand words - just look at the photos of the NY skyline at night. (Photos at Also, sadly, I discovered that they're no longer open for lunch -- just breakfast and dinner -- but that's of no consequence to the OP.

        I got another idea, too. The New York Hilton on 7th Avenue has a big, lovely room on the 40th (?) floor which is their "Hilton Honors Lounge" - now, I'm a member of Hilton Honors and can show my card (it's their "frequent flyer miles" deal). However, I've never really seen anyone *checking* for membership up there. There's a cute jewel-box of a bar where cocktails aren't that expensive. There're couches/seating areas galore. There's a fireplace. And stunning views to the north and south. A bonus: at 5:00 or so weekdays they put out a fabulous hot and cold buffet of goodies to go with your drinks, including a cheese platter that's very, very good.

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          I agree! I was just there this summer. Very nice spot-wireless access too.