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Nov 21, 2002 03:29 AM

Japanese cream crackers/biscuits/cookies in SF?

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Please help me, I'm desperate to find these Japanese cream cookies!!

I recently went to Japan and picked up, on a whim, these "Half Moon" biscuits. They're two very fine wafers with green tea or red bean cream filling between them. The wafers are semi-circles, with a rabbit in a moon embossed on them (how cute!!).

These biscuits were the most delicious, crispy snacks ever! They were quite brittle and you had to break them before eating them or they'd fly all over the place.

My sister has heard so much about these biscuits, she really wants to try them. Unfortunately, I've finished them (*grin*) and am now searching for more.

Recommendations for substitutes also welcome.... I've heard of "French biscuits" in Clement street grocery stores, but am not sure they're the same thing?

Thanks for the help

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  1. I'm not familiar with these particular cookies but you might try 99 Ranch Market.

    1. Try Maruwa at the corner of Sutter and Webster in Japantown i n SF. It is an all Japesne supermarket - very friendly staff - and they have everything you need. I shop there at least twice a week.

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      1. re: Steve Posin

        Thanks for the help. I'll keep you updated. I've got my fingers crossed as these biscuits looked pretty posh (individually wrapped, boxed etc), and were bought at a counter in Taka or Mitsukoshi.

        1. re: honey88

          You know, those biscuits sound a bit like Gaufres. They are from Kobe and are thin round cookies with a cream filling sandwiched in between.

          Anyway, if you got those biscuits at a fancy department store counter, you might want to try calling Takashimaya in New York to see if they carry them.

          Good luck! It's fun trying to track down such things.

      2. Wow, those cookies sound really good! I'd start calling the stores on the attached list. Mitsuwa Marketplace in San Jose is a large Japanese grocery store, so that might be a good bet, but it's kind of far from SF. Still, if the cookies are that good, the drive might be worth it!

        Can you let us know if you track them down?


        1. I think I may have just read about these cookies - Yoku Moku cookies. As I recall, you can get them in high-end department store food departments, such as Bloomingdales. Good luck!

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          1. re: Angie5

            I don't think she is talking about Yoku Moku, since they don't come in a semicircle shape or have those cream fillings in them. BUT, since you mention Yoku Moku, I thought I would let you know that Neiman Marcus in Union Square has a full selection. They are DELICIOUS, and I am currently a bit obsessed with them.

          2. I went to Maruwa and didn't find them.... however I think the gaufres recommendation may be on the money. I still have the brochure somewhere and will be running it by some Japanese speaking friends of mine soon.

            What are the Yoku Moku cigares like BTW? I've seen them but they're so expensive, I always pause in front of the display then walk on!

            Oh well, just an excuse to go to Japan again I guess!!

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            1. re: Honey88

              I looked for gaufres online and couldn't find any. They are all over Japan, though, as I recall. I'm sure there's a source in the US, but I just don't know what it is.

              Oh, the Yoku Moku cookies are SO GREAT. At Neiman Marcus they have a whole variety. I think they even have a variety box for $20 or $25? I guess that's a lot for cookies, but they are worth it! As for the cigar cookies, there are three kinds: plain, chocolate-filled, and tea-flavored. The tea ones are INCREDIBLE. They have this wonderful fragrance and flavor of really good black tea. Yum. You know, you might want to go to Neiman's and ask for a sample. If you're going to spend that much on cookies, the least they could do is offer you a taste.

              Good luck!