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Mar 22, 2005 05:12 PM

Choux Factory v. Beard Papa

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Please, somebody tell me that Choux Factory is not as good as Beard Papa. I am on a diet, but once I get an idea in my head, like comparing the cream puffs at Choux Factory (never been) and Beard Papa (been too many times, hence the diet), then no diet can hold me back and I will be dreaming of those Choux factory cream puffs till I've stuffed each and every flavor down my throat - diet be damned!

So for anyone who has tried both Choux Factory and Beard Papa, how do they stack up against eachother? Please keep in mind that if enough people tell me that Choux Factory can't compare to Beard Papa, then this cream puff spell will be broken and I'll be able to carry on with my diet sans interruption. Lie to me people, lie to me.

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  1. Sorry I can't be of help, but I just want to say that I feel your pain. I'm on WW to lose my Beard Papa pounds. I burn off calories by crossing the street to avoid walking by the store.

    1. I like Choux Factory a little better. The flavor of the custard is cleaner. But it makes a huge difference just how fresh they are, so I hope you're lucky and get there just after they finished baking a batch.

      1. I assume you are referring to Beard Papa and Choux Factory in UES. If I can be of help to your diet/cream puff dilemma, I much prefer Panya (3rd Av and 9th St) to Beard Papa (the Broadway branch). So if you walk from UES to EV and back, then you can lose weight AND enjoy your cream puff. How does that sound?

        1. Where is the Choux Factory?

          1. Having tried them both, I'm happy to report that in my (and my girlfriend's) opinion, Beard Papa is, in fact, better in both cream and shell. Choux Factory isn't really worth the calories.