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Snow Pea Leaves w Garlic + Salt Baked Squid

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I miss my favorite restaurant in Philly (Shiao Lan Kung) which has the most fantastic snow pea leaves w garlic and salt baked squid (well, salt baked anything). There must be a Chinatown restaurant that serves excellent versions of both of these. Please help!

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  1. Phoenix Garden

    40th St. between 2nd - 3rd

    1. Great New York Noodletown. Bowery and Bayard.

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        Yes, they are the experts in salt-baked. pea shoots are great there too. plus those wontons--yummm

      2. Try Evergreen (38th bet 5th and Madison) their snow pea leaves are amazing.

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        1. re: Leo

          OK, I just did (delivery). Actually, I was going to order from Phoenix Garden but they close too damn early (9:45).

          The snow pea leaves were surprisingly good but at $13, a bit pricey (IMO). A healthy dose of salt (not too much though), a lot of oil (not olive oil, but better quality than I'm used to) and fragrant, somewhat mild sliced garlic. I don't normally eat garlic this way and I'm used to it being minced in this dish, but on the whole, this was a winner.

          Ordered with my favorite appetizer, scallion pancakes ($3.50). Quite good, maybe even the best I've had, but the lack of a dipping sauce (it's not JUST soy, is it?) was a disappointment.

          Also got the (equivalent of) salt baked squid ($12). Sadly, this disappointed. A little soft, a little chewy, I wasn't even sure it wasn't previously frozen. Interesting melange to accompany it: along with the hot pepper (jalapeno?), green and white onion and sliced garlic was lightly pickled ginger ... no, not the pink stuff you get with sushi, but not fresh either (of maybe it was sauteed with it).

          Paired it with a well chilled Spanish white (MonteNovo Valdeorras, $9 at Garnet) which had a nice bite, with hints of white grapefruit and pineapple ... a wine to consider if albarinos are not your thing or too pricey.

          Oh yeah, I did that because they forgot to deliver my club soda ($1 can).

          I would consider going back to Evergreen, but it probably wouldn't be my first choice.

          I mean, it's no Shiao Lan Kung ... the place I first discovered this dish.

        2. ny noodletown as mentioned and congee on east bway (i think), congee village on allen street....you can find them - don't despair.

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            I got some very good sauteed snow pea leaves with garlic from Congee Village tonight. I've gotten it from them several times before, and they make it well consistently well.

          2. NY Noodletown, and while your're there try the duck with pea shoots and the sea bass with flowering chives.

            1. Noodletown, Noodletown, Noodletown.

              1. Noodletown is not the be all end all of Chinese food. Cantoon Garden is better. For a similar menu to Noodletown's, give Yummy Noodles a try.

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                  Where's Canton Garden? I've never heard of or tried it. What else do you like there?

                  1. re: Pan

                    Cantonese seafood place at 22 Elizabeth. Great live seafood, casseroles, etc. And it really is "Cantoon," on signage and menus.

                    1. re: squid kun

                      Several of us once went to Cantoon, but once we got there we didn't really like the looks of the place or the food on the tables. We went next door to Oriental Garden and had a terrific meal.

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                        oriental garden has great prawns in black bean sauce and amazing scallops

                  2. re: Peter Cuce

                    I like Cantoon Garden, too (22 Elizabeth St), really fine soft shells there. And I think that Chanoodle (79 Mulberry St) is often overlooked--a pleasant space and terrific crabs.

                  3. Snow Pea Leaves are a pretty common Shanghainese food. I think Shanghai Cuisine, New Yeah Shanghai, and Shanghai Pavilion are among the best versions in the city.

                    1. anywhere to get sauteed pea leaves in central NJ, near Basking Ridge

                      1. My guess is that the closest place to you would be in Edison. Possibly Wonder Seafood on State Route 27.