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Nov 13, 2002 11:55 PM

Norwegian Seamens Church Bazaar, November 22-23 2002

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Once again, the Norwegian Seamens Church will be hosting its Christmas bazaar on the 22nd and 23rd of November. I went to this event last year (I'm a sucker for ethnic events that serve food). They were offering (in the food department) things like Norwegian open face sandwiches (gravlax on bread, yum), various cakes, and pastries. They also sell food items from Norway along with crafts, clothing, and other Scandinavian goods.

The church is located on the portion of Hyde Street looking over the Bay. The view is fantastic and it's certainly worth stopping in on. The fact that few of us are tall, blond, and fair-skinned shouldn't be an impediment to enjoying this event.

Details, details:

November 22-23, 10 am - 4 pm each day
2454 Hyde Street
San Francisco

The website, linked below, isn't the most helpful if can't read Norwegian. The first page is all in English, but everything else is not! Nonetheless, you can get the important details.


PS Rats. Missed the Armenian chruch festival last month. Nobody posted about it this year and it slipped my mind. Well, at least I got in on the Indonesian bazaar!


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  1. Great info. Are you sure it's held on Friday and Sat on Nov 22/23 ?

    I will miss it since we'll be on our way to Vegas for the thanksgiving holidays.

    Pls remember to report the details ! Thanks.

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    1. re: Han Lukito

      Yup, it's to be held on Fredag and Lørdag, the 22nd and 23rd of November. This being a church, I assume they don't hold a bazaar on the Sabbath.



      1. re: Peter Yee

        Checkout my proposed strategy at the Indonesian Bazaar thread to cover a bazaar that has various vendors selling various items.

        Not sure how the Norwegian bazaar is organized. It may or may not be appropriate.

        1. re: Han Lukito

          This bazaar is so much smaller than the Indonesian one that I don't think great strategy is required to sample most of the foods there.

          Probably more strategy is required in deciding which of the packaged food items one wants to take home to sample.


    2. Thanks, Peter! Very useful to know about...

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