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Mar 13, 2005 11:59 PM

Rickshaw Dumplings

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I can't believe all these negative reviews! I went to Rickshaw the first week it was open. It was GREAT!! Beautiful interior, gorgeous kitchen, and the dumplings were delicious! Everything was very quaint and everyone in the restaurant was raving about the food.

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  1. what did you order that first week?? if you had the chicken with thai basil you have a different opinion from people who ordered other dumplings.

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    1. re: xavier

      I did care for it either. It struck me as not be seasoned properly......not very flavorful.

    2. Just curioous as to what you ordered at Rickshaw...which were your favorite dumplings?

      Also, do they sell anything else besides dumplings??


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      1. re: Luna-Chick!

        They have salads, and you can also get the dumplings in broth. That's it.

      2. wish i could agree. THree of went, all shared, they all tasted pretty bland. Shrimp, Pork & Duck. Had to drown them the sauces, i was quite disappointed. Just thought they were lacking in flavor.

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        1. re: dave

          i had the steamed duck dumplings recently and had to drown them in the sauce. they were the worst dumplings i've ever had. a soggy, mushy, tasteless mess.

          1. re: ivie

            I didn't think they were that bad, but I'm not rushing back, either, particularly when you can get far better "regular" dumplings in Chinatown at five-for-a-dollar.

        2. I just went for the first time today and was strck by how truly awful everything there was. Dry, flavorless, expensive. One of the most offensive restaurant experiences I've ever had. I really wanted my money back.