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Seeking fresh sea urchin

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I'm looking for the freshest, most accessible uni (sea urchin) sushi or sashimi in Manhattan, preferably below the 50s. I'm not looking for a place that requires reservations weeks in advance (like Le Bernardin). If there is a place that can serve it quivering in its own shell, please do tell. Thanks!

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  1. funny, I had the best sea urchin at a place called 'sobaya'. yes this is not a sushi place so i didn't have any expectation when i ordered it as an appetizer but i was surprised when i tasted it. It was so flavorful and fresh.
    another place i recommend is called Lan on 3rd ave.
    I ordered sea urchin as a daily special and it was very very fresh too.

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      I don't eat sea urchin but I do know Sobaya. Everything I've ever had there has been great. I was there with a Japanese friend who did have the sea urchin & pronounced it "wonderful".

    2. I had it last week at Koi on 2nd and 11th. It was served in its shell and was wonderful. Call ahead though, because it was a special.

      1. Another option - and a much cheaper one if you like uni as much as my husband does, is to buy it at Citarella. They open them for you and are dirt cheap - I think I got four of them for about $7 last time. Very fresh.

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          I stopped by Citarella and picked up some uni this past week. You were right--they were dirt cheap and looked very fresh. However, I've never eaten them out of the shell, so I just scooped the roe into my mouth. Although the texture was very fresh and firm, the flavor was almost too briny. Do I rinse them first?

          Any help would be great!

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          the supersleuth

          I'm not really a connaisseur, but I have never really liked sea urchin until I had some really fresh at Sakagura, 43rd street I believe. It came with a sashimi platter but you can also order sashimi a la carte. Not served in the shell, but this is a place you can probably walk into if you don't mind sitting at the bar.

          1. Bistro 62 has a half dozen for $15 that's cheap being that all you have to do is sit in a restaurant table and order them. We used to catch these oursins in the mediterranean and eat them right away on the boat. oh man how i miss that!

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              I searched for Bistro 62, and it remains elusive. Is it also called Village on 62 West 9th Street? I checked the menu for Village and, sadly, didn't see my beloved uni. Where was the restaurant?


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                So sorry for the confusion it is Bistro 61.

                Bistro 61
                1113 1st Ave, New York 10021
                At 61st St

                Phone: 212-223-6220
                Fax: 212-223-6215

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                  Many thanks! I aim to try all the suggestions on this board.

            2. i LOVE uni! they serve it in the shell at blue ribbon sushi, with a thin slice of lemon, fresh grated wasabi and tamari. yum.

              1. Esca on 43rd and 9th had some wonderful sea urchin last year

                1. There is some great information here! Thanks. I can't get enough uni. It's my "must-have" when I go out for sushi and sashimi. Honestly, I've been lucky and found it to be very good and fresh almost every where. Of particular note is Aja on 58th(?) and 1st...I think...and Sushi Hana on 78th and 2nd. YUM!

                  1. blue ribbon brasserie (not sushi) serves it in the shell when its in season (which should be soon..) very tasty!