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Mar 10, 2005 01:27 AM

Seeking fresh sea urchin

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I'm looking for the freshest, most accessible uni (sea urchin) sushi or sashimi in Manhattan, preferably below the 50s. I'm not looking for a place that requires reservations weeks in advance (like Le Bernardin). If there is a place that can serve it quivering in its own shell, please do tell. Thanks!

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  1. funny, I had the best sea urchin at a place called 'sobaya'. yes this is not a sushi place so i didn't have any expectation when i ordered it as an appetizer but i was surprised when i tasted it. It was so flavorful and fresh.
    another place i recommend is called Lan on 3rd ave.
    I ordered sea urchin as a daily special and it was very very fresh too.

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      I don't eat sea urchin but I do know Sobaya. Everything I've ever had there has been great. I was there with a Japanese friend who did have the sea urchin & pronounced it "wonderful".

    2. I had it last week at Koi on 2nd and 11th. It was served in its shell and was wonderful. Call ahead though, because it was a special.

      1. Another option - and a much cheaper one if you like uni as much as my husband does, is to buy it at Citarella. They open them for you and are dirt cheap - I think I got four of them for about $7 last time. Very fresh.

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          I stopped by Citarella and picked up some uni this past week. You were right--they were dirt cheap and looked very fresh. However, I've never eaten them out of the shell, so I just scooped the roe into my mouth. Although the texture was very fresh and firm, the flavor was almost too briny. Do I rinse them first?

          Any help would be great!

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          the supersleuth

          I'm not really a connaisseur, but I have never really liked sea urchin until I had some really fresh at Sakagura, 43rd street I believe. It came with a sashimi platter but you can also order sashimi a la carte. Not served in the shell, but this is a place you can probably walk into if you don't mind sitting at the bar.

          1. Bistro 62 has a half dozen for $15 that's cheap being that all you have to do is sit in a restaurant table and order them. We used to catch these oursins in the mediterranean and eat them right away on the boat. oh man how i miss that!

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              I searched for Bistro 62, and it remains elusive. Is it also called Village on 62 West 9th Street? I checked the menu for Village and, sadly, didn't see my beloved uni. Where was the restaurant?


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                So sorry for the confusion it is Bistro 61.

                Bistro 61
                1113 1st Ave, New York 10021
                At 61st St

                Phone: 212-223-6220
                Fax: 212-223-6215

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                  Many thanks! I aim to try all the suggestions on this board.