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Mar 8, 2005 09:11 AM

Piccolo Angolo-Worth It?

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There is not much recent information on the board about Piccolo Angolo.I have been meaning to go there for several years but have never made it.I have heard the food is great but the most often thing I read is about the owners temperament and the restaurants small size.I can live with this if the food is worth it.Anyone have any experiences and recommendations they could share? Thanks.

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  1. Hi,

    I have been there. It's a fun (kind of loud) place. I wouldn't say that they have the best Italian food in NYC because there are just too many good Italian places in the city.

    But they are definitely affordable and fun for a group.

    1. yes its worth it...the food is great, and the atmosphere is fun. it does get crowded, and raucous, but in a festive, not obnoxious sort of way.

      i have been many times and the owner has always been very warm and friendly.

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        Any "can't miss" type recommendations? Their menu looks very diverse.

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          i agree with the other poster, the lobster cannelloni is great, i think its on the specials menu...i like it with the vodka sauce.

          the apps are just okay, and considering that the portions are large, i wouldn't go heavy on those.

          the cheese cakes (italian style) are terrific, i especially like the chocolate chip cheese cake.

      2. the owners temperment is not a detriment, he is a sweet animated man who speaks broken english. part of the allure is for him to tell you about the specials, you having no idea what he is trying to say, and then asking his son to repeat them.

        The Lobster cannolloni has always been my favorite.

        If you are going with a big group, they can do a family style meal with wine for a pretty reasonable price.

        1. My wife and I (fairly easy going people) walked out after the owner lied to us. He kept telling us our RESERVED TABLE would be ready in 5 minutes which stretched into over an hour. As we were walking out he cursed at us. Fun stuff.

          Why does everyone love this guy?

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            Renato is a little bit scatterbrained and overwhelmed at times, but is one of the sweetest personalities ever. he is charming and funny in an old italy sort of way. and he IS the head chef, so he gets there early every day to prepare the sauce bases, etc. i think its admirable that he continues to stay involved in the "floor" of the restaurant. he can be pushy with desserts sometimes, but he's never made a bad choice for our table. the son is equally friendly and nice, the daughter's a bit moody. the other waiter and bus boy are extremely sweet.

          2. Piccolo Angolo can have a very enjoyable raucousness - definitely not a place to stop in on a whim for a quiet dinner. The food is good, although probably not worth the agita.

            They take reservations but let the place fill up regardless. They seat walk-in regulars from the neighbourhood without any pretense while your group cools its heels outside, whatever the weather. The bench outside will probably already be occupied by another party waiting for their reservation.

            The place is packed Thursday - Sunday for sure, and I'd recommend these nights as a definite avoid. The owner can be quite charming, but you won't see more than sixy seconds of him put together (forty seconds for a top-speed recitation of the specials, ten to ask how the wine is, ten to suggest a dessert).

            The food is good, but the place leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If your group has a patient nature and doesn't care how long it takes, it is worth going on a Tuesday and getting the lobster canelloni. But as for taking guests there, forget it.