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Mar 3, 2005 09:16 AM

places to buy excellent frozen dumplings??

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anyone have any recommendations for places in Chinatown or elsewhere to buy frozen dumplings to be made at home?

Someone mentioned Sun Dou on Grand Street between Mott and Elizabeth. Are they any good? Any others?

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  1. I've bought many bags of frozen dumplings from Sun Dou, and I've always been pleased with them. My favorite kind is pork with chives, but they have a pretty wide variety there. Also, most of their dumplings are sturdy enough to withstand frying, which is a problem I've had with some other types of frozen dumplings.

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      How do you cook frozen dumplings? Should I post this on the Home Cooking board?

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        you can read the instruction on the bag.
        You can steam, pan fry and deep fry them.
        steam as you'd steam your vegetable. you can buy sauce on the side but if you want to make a simple dipping sauce, add soy sauce, seasame seed oil and some scallion and mix.
        you can also make dumpling soup. just drop a few pieces in your light soup like chicken noodle.

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          Actually, I didn't make them much at (Chinese) ex-boyfriend used to make them because he knew how to keep the skins on the dumplings from breaking during frying, a trick I've never quite been able to pull off (at least one always breaks on me). Now that I make them myself, I steam them and usually just eat them that way, although you can steam them and then fry them. You can boil them too, although they're not as good that way. I eat them with a dipping sauce of soy sauce with chopped ginger in it. I don't get fancy.

      2. Fried Dumpling on Mosco sells their delicious version in bags of 50 for i think $5.00

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          i love the mosco st dumplings but unfortunately i did not have a great experience with the frozen ones. they sick together and are difficult to defrost esp if you only want to make a few.

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            P.S. 30 for $5. Bought some Wed. Same price at Dumpling House.

        2. There's also Mandoo Bar on 32nd..they sell their dumplings in raw bulk.

          ( I've only had the pork version in the restaurant and they are really good , especially with the hot dipping sauce,).

          1. I'm a fan of the frozen dumplings from Dumpling House on Eldridge -- I think they're 25 for $5 or so... and all individually frozen, so it's no issue if you only want to prepare a few. I typically steam them and then pan fry them if I'm in the mood. They have both pork and vegetable varieties available.



            1. Personally I don't think one kind of dumpling should be used for all three types of cooking: boiling, frying and steaming.

              I get the pork with dill frozen dumplings from Tasty Dumplings on Mulberry between Moscoe and Bayard.

              I prefer them to the other place ON Moscoe because of their shape. Tasty Dumplings makes them for boiling, so more like the big round Cantonese Wonton shape rather than the flat half moon shape.

              Although, if you eat in, you can get potstickers(a different shape to maximize the crispy skin), which Tasty Dumplings makes pretty well, too. I'm not sure if you can get those frozen.

              I would probably stick with pork dumplings if I eat there. The shrimp ones didn't taste too great last time I was there. Tasty Dumplings have a lot of different flavors for frozen, but not all of them are offered for eat in.

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                Heartily second the Tasty Dumpling rec. I haven't bought them frozen, but the cooked version is probably my favorite in chinatown. Much better than Fried Dumpling on Moscoe, imo.

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                  I too have to throw in my support for Tasty Dumplings. When the fried pot stickers are done fresh to order, they're amazing. Cripy on the bottom, hot and juicy on the inside. I think I went 10 times in the first month that I was introduced to the place. There are times when the pot stickers have been sitting out for a while and that takes the quality down a notch. If you're making them at home though, that's not a problem. The prices are ridiculously cheap. You feel like you're stealing from the place.

                  1. re: Porthos

                    Just wanted to add that Tasty Dumpling's vegetarian dumplings are quite nice, too. Usually places like this are not vegetarian friendly.

                    Their xiao long buns are pretty good. These are the steamed bread buns with pork filling but not the soup dumpling kind.