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Mar 1, 2005 10:02 AM

53rd and 6th Ave?

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My friend has a meeting tommorow near 53rd and 6th avenue. I will be meeting her for lunch and I would love some good recomendations since this is not a hood i am familiar with. She will not have too much time so i would prefer not to travel too far from this location. Looking for something casual but with sit down service although we will consider any recs. I am looking for a broad range of options so dont hold back. Thanks

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  1. m

    Town -- in the Chambers Hotel. expensive but reliably great.

    1. Sugiyama--kaiseki style Japanese food. Master chef.
      Serene atmosphere. Great saki.

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      1. re: famdoc

        Sounds great but i dont think we will have enough time to do it justice, and it is a bit expensive for what i am looking for. Any other recs?

        1. re: Leah

          I usually have good luck & enjoy Le Bonne Soup on 55th b/t 5th & 6th (French food).

          If you're really pressed for Money & time, they just opened up a new branch of Cafe metro on 52nd b/t 5th & 6th. There are nice tables to sit at, even though you have to get your food for the counter. I like Printon 56 even better over on 56th b/t 5th & 6th.

          There's also a great Japanese Noodle bar on the corner of 56th, forget the name but the noodles are great.

          1. re: Offbalance

            probably menkuitei on 56 th . Theres also mechankotei on 55th . Both places are usually super packed during lunch.

            1. re: anony

              Would you recommend one of the places you suggested over the other/ what about soba nippon in comparison?

              1. re: Leah


                56th just east of 6th.

                great ramen. i'm going for lunch today myself!

                1. re: sushiman
                  alan henderson

                  on 55th above the Menchanko Tei is Onigashima which is a favorite of mine. Very good noodles, both udon and soba and a wide variety of good cooked stuff as well as sushi.

                  Here is a link


                2. re: Leah

                  Each place is very different.

                  Soba Nippon has amazing soba and serves donburi and sushi as well (i believe), and has the nicest decor.

                  Next on the up-scale is Menchanko-Tei. They serve "sumo" noodle soups, menchanko, in metal bowls, as well as oden, which are very down-home Japanese snacks such as fried tofu, burdock root, or devil's tongue jelly.

                  Then there's Menkui-Tei. Typical ramen joint. Good selection, decent bowls. Can't speak to the gyoza but they looked fine.


        2. The closest I can think of are two restaurant rows:
          West 55th Street between 5th & 6th Avenue & West 56th Street between 5th & 6th Avenue. There's one restaurant after the other.

          A sit-down place that's semi-reasonable is La Bonne Soupe at 48 W. 55th St (586-7650). There are also a couple of all-you-can eat Indian buffet restaurants which names escape me.

          Stage Deli at 7th Ave. bet. 53rd & 54th Streets.
          Burger Joint at Parker Meridien Hotel at 119 W. 56 St bet. 6th & 7th Ave. makes good reasonable burgers.

          Hope this helps.