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Feb 27, 2005 12:35 PM

99 Miles to Philly

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That new "old style cheesecake" joint at 94 Third Avenue between 12th and 13th Street is up and running. Any preliminary reports? At least the menu seems authentic: You can indeed get steak with Cheez Whiz (or American or Provolone) "wit'" or "wit'out" onions for $5-6. Lots of other add-ons, including double cheese, mushrooms, and sweet or hot peppers at 50 cents. Waffle fries $2. Anybody?

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  1. Nah, I like my cheesecake without onions.

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    1. re: gates

      I went there the other night big cheesesteak fan, I heard those people used to work at Carls Steaks.
      Just another Carls Steaks wannabe...
      34th and 3rd avenue is the real deal . why bother writing about the copy cats?
      obviously, you all need to do your homework.

    2. Sorry--cheese STEAK. There've been miles and miles of posts about finidng good Philly Cheese Steak in NYC, and this place looks like it has a shot.

      1. I stopped in and brought one home tonight (provolone, no onions) and it appears to be the real deal. I watched the cooks make 6 or 7 of them; process & final product are much how I remember Chubby's in Philadelphia. It was very light on the cheese (just enough to hold the steak together) which is -exactly- how I like it (you can order double cheese for $.50). Counter guys are very friendly! It was filled with what sounded like NYU students from the Philadelphia area. The place somehow looks even smaller than when it was Crepe Maison, but after shedding a small tear for their perfect croque madame, I'll be entirely pleased with 99 Miles.

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        1. re: Hil.

          How does it compare to Wogie's?

        2. I went Friday night. I'm no Philly cheesesteak expert, but I thought it was pretty good. Definitely a better grease option than Roll 'n' Roaster down the street, which seems to be slipping these days.

          1. Waste of time. The place is approximately 99,000 miles away from a real Philly Cheesesteak. You're better off at Carl's if you need to find one in Manhattan. This posting seems suspiciuously like an ad as well.