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Feb 24, 2005 08:51 AM

peasant - ?

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My husband and I are going on our first post-baby date (13 months later!). Would you rec Peasant? Any other recs appreciated!

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  1. It's one of my favorites. The food is interesting and of high quality. Not a great place for people just looking for "safe" menu options.

    1. ugh..

      ate here two weeks ago..

      the service was overly patronizing and somewhat unwilling to accomodate our desire to have two appetizers, split a pasta, and two entrees as they were doing everything they could to turn our table on a weeknight when the place had a few free tables throughout our meal..

      the food had highs and lows.. the bread with ricotta is nice.. the appetizers were decent but nothing amazing..

      the entrees- the lamb my date had was amazing.. tender, flavorful, etc.. the much vaunted suckling pig that i had was awful.. think reheated turkey leftover from thanksgiving.. a week later.. even the crackling left me lacking.. it just wasn't fresh.. which sucked.. combined with the attitude of the waiter, and their never ending quest to turn our table as quickly as possible, the experience left me with a bad taste in my mouth..

      to add to the insult, i just received my amex bill and discovered that our meal at peasant cost MORE than our meal the week prior at Babbo..

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        This place is a gem. The atmosphere, decor, cuisine and most importantly, the food and drinks are to die for. All of the reviews I've read have always found peasant to be one of the best Italian restaurants in the City. What's different is the open kitchen/wood stoked ovens. The place is hip yet comfortable and accomodating.

        The negative review that was posted here should be considered as atypical. Peasant has been consistently named in NY Magazine's Top 100 and has been mostly well received on the Chowhound Boards. I've eaten there since it opened about five years ago and the food has been very consistent. If you can get a reservation, you should try it.

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          i agree with jesse. my experience at peasant was full of highs and lows....and somewhat in betweens.
          the bread was nice, the wine delicious. our appetizers were ok. beet salad, nothing to write home about. the goat meat lasagna was really good. my friend had the was good, not special at all.
          the dessert...the flourless chocolate cake was fantastic, a chocolate lover's dream.
          while the kitchen and ovens are gorgeous, i found the rest of the restaurant somewhat cold and the tables - not intimate.
          we enjoyed our meal, but we would not be running back there too soon.

      2. We enjoyed the food but had a similar experience with the service in that I arrived about 7 seconds ahead of my husband and they refused to let me sit at a table despite my assurance he'd be along momentarily - and the restaurant was empty except for two tables. To add to it, another woman was seated and later joined by her dining partner. I thought the food was pretty good but the attitude was chilling.

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        1. re: tsiblis

          oh god, that is soooo rude. whatever happened to the customer is always right. they should RELAX up a bit. seriously, i hate these restaurants that think they do not need to be nice to their customers...they think that their reputation will keep people coming. well the food and the service has to be good for me.

        2. Probably too late to add this but I went there for my fiancee's birthday last October and was wholly uninpressed with everything but the free breadsticks at the bar. I wish I could be more specific but it's been three months. I know we both left feeling totally non-plussed. The octopus was tough, the gnocchi was bland, and the lamb I could have done at home.

          If you want great Italian try Sfoglia on the Upper East Side...charming, great service, and food prepared by the owners with love. Don't let the bland outside of the restaurant fool you...inside it's another world.

          Or, if you don't want to trek north...trek west and try Lupa on's cheaper and way better than Peasant.

          1. I didn't like Lupa either except for the plates things are served on. Food struck me as not memorable.