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Nov 6, 2002 02:19 PM

chef elka gilmore

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anyone know where she is nowadays

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  1. Gone without a trace, at least from the public eye. Last published mention I could find was two years ago in the Chronicle, when the short-lived Oodles closed under mysterious circumstances.


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    1. re: squid-kun
      k. gerstenberger

      Last bizarre news and this was a long while ago was a frozen burrito product they were selling at Costco with her name on it - could this be a nightmare? She's no Puck.

      1. re: k. gerstenberger

        If you've ever tasted Puck's canned soups, Puck is no Puck either.
        Elka was a superb chef with some great ideas. Looks like Tracy Desjardins accomplished everything Elka dreamed of. Tracy worked under Elka at Elka's

      2. re: squid-kun

        A quick Google search loacted her in NYC. Don't know the vintage of this profile, but it's post-SF.

        The poster might want to query the NYC board.


        1. re: Gary Soup

          She opened Kokachin in 1995, after making her mark in San Francisco at Elka in Japantown and Liberte downtown. Ruth Reichl reviewed Kokachin for the NYT in January 1996 ("flashes of brilliance and moments of disappointment"). Sometime in 1998 Gilmore returned to San Francisco and took over Oodles at Bush and Taylor (later, very briefly, Elka's, now Rika Sushi).