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Graeter's Ice Cream...Anyone tried it?

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I've heard great things about this ice cream. You can mail order it, but I was wondering if it's worth the cost? Have any chowhounds tried it?

Link: http://graeters.com/

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  1. Yes, I've tried it and it is VERY good. I had a vendor send me 6 pints of the stuff once, all packed on dry ice and received in perfect condition in San Francisco.

    The ice cream is made by the copper pot method in small batches. They do a mean raspberry with chocolate chunks. I checked into getting some of their ice cream shipped to me again a few months ago and it was going to cost me around $70 for product and shipping. And even though I consider ice cream to be a required food group, at $70 for less than a couple quarts of ice cream, even I couldn't justify that expense. The stuff is good, very good, but it isn't worth $70 to get it shipped in.

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      ah... I grew up in Cincinnati & black raspberry with chocolate chunks is my absolute favorite. And they mean chunks - some pieces are larger than hershey's miniatures! I remember reading somewhere they take melted chocolate and pour it into the ice cream while it's mixing. It's good stuff.

      $70 shipping, huh? Plane tickets to Cincinnati were $140 yesterday. =)

      Graeter's & Rick's Rather Rich (in Palo Alto) made it onto Gourmet's top 10 ice cream parlors in America FWIW.

      I think the butterfat content in Rick's is up there also.

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        Melanie Wong

        Could you please tell us more about the local product, Rick's?

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          Rick's Rather Rich is a Palo Alto favorite, found in a strip mall off of Middlefield & Charleston, next to Piazza's.

          They use simple ingredients to make flavors like white chocolate ginger, kulfi, and other basic ice cream flavors.

          It's a small ice cream parlor that recently under went renovation. The local legend says when Ben & Jerry come into town, they always stop by Rick's.

          It's definitely worth going to if you're in the area.

          RIck's Rather Rich.
          3946 Middlefield
          Palo Alto, 493-6553

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            Thanks, eurie! Glad to see you back on the board. Those flavors sound more than simple. Would have been difficult to read this except that I had some Lappert's ice cream earlier today to soothe my dairy needs. (g)

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          Just to clarify, the $70 includes the ice cream (six pints). Or $110 for 12 pints.

      2. Your post brought a smile to my face...my mom, who was from Cincinnati, grew up on Graeter's ice cream and never stopped raving about it. In fact, when we were growing up in Seattle, she and some other Cincinnati transplants once had a party celebrating foods from their home city, and Graeter's ice cream (along with Frisch's tartar sauce) was prominently featured. But I don't know if it would be worth $70 in shipping, even to her...)

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          Ice cream, tartar sauce, and... five-way chili?

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            I am from Cincinnati (living in LA now) and know of Cincinnatians getting together to have Graeters and Skyline. I have had Graeters shipped to LA, NYC, and Seattle on various occasions...seeing how I spent $7 today for a Pinkberry (yuck ;P), the cost of Graeters is well worth it

          2. Arguably Graeter's is the best ice cream in America. But you should eat it in one of their stores where it is freshly scooped. They are famous for their chip flavors which feature fairly large chunks of chocolate (they make their own-almost one third of each store is a chocolate shop in a throwback to their heritage from the '20's when they started). They are also known for a Swiss sundae which is half hot fudge (they make their own from scratch) and half fresh whipped cream. The ice cream is 21% butterfat and justly famous while worth every incredible calorie.
            Graeter's really is as good as you are going to get unless you make it yourself in your own White Mountain hand cranked freezer. I cannot imagine eating it unless it was freshly scooped. Some things need to be done in person.
            I should also note that this is a true Cincinnati tradition. Although I live in D. C. I've eaten Graeter's at least once a year for twenty plus years and frequently have considered moving to Cincinnati just to be near one of their stores. Now if someone could open a Graeter's next to an In' n Out Burger that would be Mecca.

            1. Never had Graeter's, only heard of it. If you're an ice cream lover, you should try Marianne's in Santa Cruz. They have tons of flavors, and lots of butterfat. Some small markets in the Monterey area sell them packed, but fresh is best, so go to the source. Wherever you live, it may be worth the trip. Would cost less than mail order from Graeter's, I'm sure.

              1. I send 6 pints to my dad every yr for Father's Day, and I finally got to try some this year. Peanut butter chocolate chunk, very impressive. Rich ice cream, flavor that really tasted of roasted peanuts instead of peanut butter, and the chocolate chunks --- wonderful rich chocolate that didn't seem to suffer from being frozen (you know how some frozen chocolate is waxy and tasteless), in thick, large pieces. Didn't seem to suffer from shipment. My dad raves about the raspberry chocolate chunk and toffee flavors. For a true ice cream lover it's worth it, I think.

                1. I live 2 miles from a Graeters (in Columbus, OH), and while it's definitely good Ice Cream I would venture to say it's not the best I've ever tasted. Oprah loves Graeters and featured it on her "Favorite Things" episodes a while back.

                  Jeni's Ice Cream (made by a local woman) is way more inventive, fresher and better tasting than Graeters. But then the I think the less mass-produced, the better.

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                    Hungry, I agree about Graeters. I will always stop and get a pint of their ice cream if I am in Cinncinasty, but if I am going order ice cream by mail, Jeni's is the overwhelming favorite.

                    When I visit my sister in Bloomington, IN, I am required to bring a few pints of ice cream from Young's Dairy Farm in Yellow Springs..

                    I love Hartzlers organic ice cream in Wooster, but they don't ship.

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                      HLE -
                      I, too, used to live (for many years) in Columbus, Ohio - in Dublin, to be exact. I must say that I enjoyed Graeters, but never understood the massive hype. It's good, not out of this world. Is Jeni's Ice Cream the one that is at the North Market....if so - YES, her's is truly a work of art.

                    2. Just came back from a trip to Columbus where I stopped by Graeter's twice. Tried Chocolate coconut (good) and double chocolate with chips (VERY good). Wouldn't say it's the best I've ever had, but it's in the top ten.

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                        Some years ago I spent the summer at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. While I hated the place & Cin in general, the two saving graces were Skyline Chili & Graeter's.

                      2. My sister lived in Cincinnati for a year and loved the stuff.

                        1. In Manhattan, you can find Graeter's Ice Cream (and Skyline chili, LaRosa's pizza, and Montgomery Inn ribs) once a month at the "Taste of Cincinnati" at Edward's on West Broadway: http://www.eatingintranslation.com/20...

                          1. Better late than never, I think, for these archived queries. Yes, Graeter's is great but greater yet, IMHO, is a smaller but also very traditional Cincinnati 'cream parlor called Aglamenis Brothers. there are just two outlets, the original, a very lovely old-feeling place in Oakley Square and a newer but stil wondrous establishment in Montgomery Square. Flavors are mainly quite traditional - the peach is especially lovely but given a close run by the butter pecan.

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                              Oh my gosh, Bellacoolaman! You brought back a wonderful childhood memory with your mention of Aglamisi's. I too grew up in Cincinnati and I THINK there was a gorgeous old-fashioned Aglamisi's in the Mariemont area back in the '60s - early '70s. Really beautiful, classic place with little marble tables and white wrought-iron furniture. Wonderful ice cream!

                              And re Graeters--I too grew up on the stuff, the Bittersweet Chocolate Sundae was a tradition every weekend for my my best friend and me. And yes, their chip ice cream is not to be missed. The basic chocolate chip is simply to die for, deliciously vanilla with those enormous hunks of chocolate. I'd pay that $70 shipping, especially if I could get some Skyline Chili with it! Mmmm...four-ways, here we come...*sigh*

                            2. Last summer I went to visit my mom in Cincinnati. I had to go to Graeter's because I've heard so much about it. But honestly, I didn't get what was so great about it. Maybe I chose the wrong flavor or something.


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                                Thank you, I thought I was the only one who doesn't swoon over it. As you said, maybe it's the flavors I choose. I have not yet had the raspberry chunk that everyone raves about, I will try it next time I go. I like really hard ice cream, and it hasn't been that way the times I've been. Also, I grew up in CT near several small, local dairies that made their own ice creams which I still consider to be far superior to anything else I've had.