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Feb 10, 2005 12:10 PM

soup dumplings

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wanting great soup dumplings in manhattan. any suggestions?

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  1. try New Green Bo....the best

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      i second new green bo, and put in a vote against grand sichuan in hell's kitchen where there was no juice at all in the soup dumplings (though other stuff is great there).

    2. Moon House on Bayard in Chinatown. $3 gets you a rack of 8. My favorite spot. It's a small location though.

      1. Tried New Green Bo, and watched other people slurping their dumplings while I gnawed on mine. Dry, overcooked, and when I asked the waitress what happened, was completely ignored.

        Would like to go back and see if they make it right the second time around, but feel like I might be playing Russian roulette.

        1. People on this board knock them, but Joe's Shanghai really does make great soup dumplings. Like any place else, if they're not right off the steamer when you get them, they won't be perfect. To increase your chances at getting a good batch, try the Joe's Shanghai (not Ginger) on Pell St. The ones at New Yeah Shanghai on Bayard are also pretty great - their broth is slightly sweeter and thinner than the broth at Joe's.

          1. I've had some really fine all pork soup dumplings at the Grand Sichuan on 9th Ave and 24th Street.Fresh and hot out of the kitchen. A great deal at $5.55 for 8 dumplings. Served with a small dish of light soy sauce with finely julienned ginger that you can drip into the tiny hole on top of the dumpling. I can eat those on a daily basis.