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Feb 8, 2005 03:01 PM

curry laksa noodle soup?

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There are few things I miss about Washington DC, where I recently moved back from. But a Malaysian restaurant there had a curry laksa noodle soup that I was addicted to. (Basically chicken or tofu w/lots of vegetables and noodles in a rich delicious coconut curry broth.)

What's the best place for this dish here?

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  1. Are you referring to Malaysia Kopitiam? Their chicken curry laksa soup was my go-to food when I was feeling under-the-weather. I know New Taste Good on Bayard has it, and I've wanted to try it so if you do please report back!

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      yes--that's the one!

    2. Nyonya - best malaysian i have had outside of Malaysia - my mom's from there and Nyonya is as close as it gets!

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        agreed, and a few blocks away on baxter street just south of canal street Jaya makes a good one, too

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          Food -vergnugen

          In my opinion, Jaya makes the worse curry laksa i have ever tasted. Let me get back to you on one of the best laksa's I've ever had. It's somewhere in the east- part of Chinatown.

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            Okay-- I think this is the restaurant that I'm talking about. It's pretty far east of the N/R train canal st stop. It's located in a walk-through arcade/tunnel-- I went there with an Indonesian/Chinese friend who knows a lot about malaysian good-stuff:

            new malaysia restaurant, 46-48 bowery st, chinatown arcade #28, telephone: 964-0284.

            vietnamese restaurants also carry a dish that is like curry laksa, which is la sa tom (curry laksa noodles with shrimp). you can also get this curry noodle in chicken.

            Bon apetit!

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          I just visited Nyonya. It was actually decent. For some reason, they only had asam laksa (without bunga kantan - but I'm used to that by now) and no offering of creamy coconut curry laksa which I much prefer. Anyway, asam laksa (only $5.95!) was strong-flavored, rich, and sour as asam laksa should be.

          I also had char kway teow and popiah.

        3. Fatty Crab has a great laksa soup, very rich and delicious. Yes, you have to plan to avoid the crowds, but I found it worth it. We went on a Saturday night early-ish and waited 45 minutes or so.

          1. I like the boky chicken curry noodle soup.
            New chao chow does one too.

            Contains curry soup, chicken, bean sprouts, I think there's coconut in there. I think the boky one throws some eggplant in too. Greasy and tasty.

            1. Sanur (closed mondays)
              18 Doyer street

              One of my favorite spots, they have curry laksa noodles here (3.95). I don't know how it compares against DC but its pretty good here.