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Spotted Pig?

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I friend wants us to go to The Spotted Pig tonight but I heard the wait for a table can be bad. Is it worth it? I've walked by it at lunch time and it looks pretty unexciting.

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  1. I went at about 7:30 on a Friday before, waited about 30 minutes for two bar seats, and was entirely disappointed by the food - and, my goodness, it's loud.

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      sing me a bar

      a much more intimate (though less of a scene) is Tavern On Jane.I enjoy their tap beers more as well.

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        penny arrabiata

        Tavern on Jane is a fantastic suggestion. The food is great, the owners are always welcoming and the atmosphere is perfect for a winter's evening.

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          I second the Tavern on Jane. Much calmer scene. Much better food. The Spotted Pig is high on my overrated list. The cask beers which are made specially by the Brooklyn Brewery taste strongly of alcohol and are not well-balanced.
          The one reliable dish, the gnudi in brown butter, are IMHO, not worth the cramped confines and otherwise mediocre food (a recent visit yielded tepid, mealy brussel sprouts and a caesar salad dripping with an excess of dressing).
          The one plus is that the hostess at Spotted Pig has now dropped the attitude and will take your cell # so you can go wait around the corner at the White Horse.

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            lets be more blunt, the tap brooklyn brewery special tap beers there are terrible. the others are fine, as are the bottled brews.

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            I haven't tried the spotted pig but the tap beers at Tavern on Jane are just the usual suspects -- guinness, budweiser, etc. nothing special.

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              sing me a bar

              Yes, but they have, to quote Stanley Kowalski, "STELLA!" I just am not all that into Speckled Hen or the other options at The Pig.Sometimes while waiting for a table at the Pig I'd go around to the White Horse Tavern. I realized the Pig could take a lesson from them and at least get some Harp or ANY lager on tap.

        2. Tthe food at Tavern on Jane is not in the same league as the Spotted Pig. Their beer selection is heavenly too me thinks. Love the Spotted Pig ale & Spotted Pig bitter!

          1. If you don't mind going to the Spotted Pig a little early, crowds aren't a problem--I went last Friday at about 6:30 and was seated immediately (there were two of us). I think the food's great--I especially enjoyed a fig and arugula salad they were featuring as a special. Traditional cask-conditioned ales are difficult for us Americans to drink, but they are supposed to be relatively flat and warm.

            1. I haven't been to Tavern on Jane, but I love the food at The Spotted Pig. In addition to the gnudi mentioned above, the make a mean burger, smothered with a generous helping of roquefort.

              1. The shoe string fries with the burger are just gross. If you're a pub you should at least get the burger right...

                1. wow....confusing...I thought this was suppose to be a foodie board...the spotted pigs food is FAR superior to that of tavern on Jane and the beer list though brief...is very well selected and a treat...I'M SO GLAD THEY ACTUALLY HAVE BEERS THAT YOU CAN'T GET AT EVERY BAR IN THE CITY...the burger is one of the best in the city, though I agree about the shoestrings (awful)...definitely worth the wait...they do tend to over salt but the food and beers are excellent...very poor wine list however

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                    We have removed the off topic discussion from this thread, please discuss the food, not the Chowhound or Foodie, or what ever we would like to call ourselves.

                  2. Spotted Pig is just not worth a wait. Crowded to the point of uncomfortable and food that for the cost is not overly special. Def not worth a Michelin Star

                    1. I always kid about the fact that people wait in line there for English food, notoriously the worst of all world cuisines. It is also a beer pub with no draftlagers, which, after having lived in the UK, seems kind of odd.

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                        that was true 10 years ago but my how things have changed...one of the better restaurants in the world resides in London "St. John"...many others have opened up over the last few years

                      2. I moved to NY from LA, where burgers are an art form, and I have to say that Spotted Pig has the best burger I've yet enjoyed in the city; just substitute salad for the fries (they are a waste of space). The gnudi is fantastic as well. I also had a lovely steak special one night, which was cooked perfectly and so tender I didn't even need a knife. But I go back for the burger and, frankly, that's enough.

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                          ^you'll find the burgers are burgers here, and there is art enough in that at the best burger purveyors.

                          funny i was just at the SP the other day. wish i would have ordered the burger. i had a way too salty arugula salad (nice greens tho) and a special of cockles in a basil tomato broth. the cockles were a treat, but waay to much shredded basil and too little tomato broth.

                          i'll still go, i want to like the place, but foodwise the pig continues to move toward burger and drinksville land for me.

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                            both of my dishes(short ribs with side of butternut squash) were over salted. both would have been good had they not made that mistake. quite pricey too.

                            but the burgers *looked* incredible, so i guess i *have* to go back...

                        2. Spotted Pig is extremely overrated. I live nearby and the crowds are insane most evenings from 7 o'clock onwards.

                          Once you get seated it is quite cramped. The gnudi are good but I think the burger is not very good. The Corner Bistro and White Horse Tavern both offer better burgers.

                          Not a bad place to grab a beer but not someplace worth waiting 30 - 90 minutes for a table for.

                          The food isnt that exciting. More buzz about celeb investors and the oh so exciting gastropub concept than substance, as they say all sizzle and no steak!

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                            Sorry, I'll take a SP burger over a pre-cooked Corner Bistro hockey puck any day.

                            The CB is good when you're somewhat inebriated though. But then again, so is San Loco.

                          2. Blame it on the media and the Michelin star. As a beer pub, The spotted pig serves surprisingly good food. Everthing on the menu is fresh. No shortcuts here, even your french fries were made from fresh potatoes. Yes, I've had better meals at places lesser known but most beer pubs serves frozen buffalo wings, cheese sticks and heart attack on a plate. Spotted pig howeever, offers the same comfortable settings but stepped up on the quality and freshness of food. I think if it was left alone as a hidden gem of a place, our response would've been much more positive.

                            However, Its still not worth the wait.

                            1. I was pretty underwhelmed when I went there with my cousin a few weeks ago. Nothing was memorable. Not only is it not worth a long wait; it's also not worth the price.

                              1. Recently went to the Spotted Pig after a show at the Vanguard. They serve food until 2 a.m. and the burger was fantastic: perfectly cooked and beautifully balanced flavors. The roquefort cheese is a delicious a great move for this burger. Also, I really enjoyed the shoestring fries (I know other poster didn't). They were a great texture and the fresh rosemary broken over top was wonderful. I had a the pickles for an app and wished the portion was about 3x the size--but they were great as well.

                                1. Just went tonight and I'm so disappointed. After waiting over an hour at our second attempt at this place, we thought the food was mediocre at best. My boyfriend and I both ordered the burgers which came out undercooked. (If you want your burger medium rare order it medium well.) The fries were overly salty and garlicky. The rosemary in the fries was a nice idea in theory but the execution was not so good. I think the ambience of this place was great and the bar scene very hip but I would skip the food if you're considering going.

                                  1. Just went on july 3rd, arrived around 6:30pm, and had to wait about 1/2 hour. not too bad, maybe because it was a holiday weekend.
                                    the decor is nice and comfy, smaller than i expected. but too loud! since it's so tiny, all the tables are pretty much right next to the bar, and there's a hefty bar-crowd there... i couldn't hear my dinner mates across my little table.

                                    also, we were seated near the entrance where there's a bench along the wall of windows, which is about 2-3 inches elevated above the dinner companions' chair across the table. a little odd, i would say.

                                    getting to the food... it was decent and fresh, but overall, i was underwhelmed. maybe it was because of the hype, and overexpectations... but i didn't think the food was worth the high prices. and i'm no cheapie with food either. if it's good, i'll be happy to pay. but the food has to meet the prices!

                                    the appetizer was the prosciutto and arugula tart, which is basically prosciutto and arugula salad, heaped on top of a nicely flakey pastry crust with a bit of ricotta (?) cheese. definitely a favorite of mine, but then again, anything with prosciutto and arugula will be a favorite of mine.

                                    for an entree, my vegetarian companion had the 5-combo veggie plate for $24. tasty, but a pretty meager portion, considering it's just veggies! my other companion had the halibut, served with a small portion of mint mushie peas, and som eother greens. the halibut was a nice filet, served with a crispy skin, whcih was nice. but it was a little dry. and not too much else on the plate.

                                    i ordered the special of the day, faggots, a traditional english dish, served with a few scattered prosciutto fritters. it was done well, but was a really heavy dish to be serving in the middle of summer. and there wasn't much else on the plate. i was really craving my dinnermates' veggies, but he didn't really have enough to go around!

                                    perhaps i should have just gotten the gnudi like you folks recommended. anyhow, overall, decent food, but didn't wow me enough to justify the bill.

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                                      totally agree with most comments, went there for the first time 3 weeks ago expecting better comfort, better service, better food for a lot of $$$$ ! The owner must be laughing all the way to the bank with his skim!! there are so many really good restaurants in N.Y.C, why wasting so much money for nothing??

                                    2. Definitely NOT worth it. Small menu. I had the liver, which I could not eat--too undercooked despite asking that it be cooked medium instead of medium rare. DH had a burger that was just ok. Skip it!