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Feb 4, 2005 10:52 AM

Spotted Pig?

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I friend wants us to go to The Spotted Pig tonight but I heard the wait for a table can be bad. Is it worth it? I've walked by it at lunch time and it looks pretty unexciting.

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  1. I went at about 7:30 on a Friday before, waited about 30 minutes for two bar seats, and was entirely disappointed by the food - and, my goodness, it's loud.

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    1. re: DC
      sing me a bar

      a much more intimate (though less of a scene) is Tavern On Jane.I enjoy their tap beers more as well.

      1. re: sing me a bar
        penny arrabiata

        Tavern on Jane is a fantastic suggestion. The food is great, the owners are always welcoming and the atmosphere is perfect for a winter's evening.

        1. re: sing me a bar

          I second the Tavern on Jane. Much calmer scene. Much better food. The Spotted Pig is high on my overrated list. The cask beers which are made specially by the Brooklyn Brewery taste strongly of alcohol and are not well-balanced.
          The one reliable dish, the gnudi in brown butter, are IMHO, not worth the cramped confines and otherwise mediocre food (a recent visit yielded tepid, mealy brussel sprouts and a caesar salad dripping with an excess of dressing).
          The one plus is that the hostess at Spotted Pig has now dropped the attitude and will take your cell # so you can go wait around the corner at the White Horse.

          1. re: millefeuille

            lets be more blunt, the tap brooklyn brewery special tap beers there are terrible. the others are fine, as are the bottled brews.

          2. re: sing me a bar

            I haven't tried the spotted pig but the tap beers at Tavern on Jane are just the usual suspects -- guinness, budweiser, etc. nothing special.

            1. re: DeeDee
              sing me a bar

              Yes, but they have, to quote Stanley Kowalski, "STELLA!" I just am not all that into Speckled Hen or the other options at The Pig.Sometimes while waiting for a table at the Pig I'd go around to the White Horse Tavern. I realized the Pig could take a lesson from them and at least get some Harp or ANY lager on tap.

        2. Tthe food at Tavern on Jane is not in the same league as the Spotted Pig. Their beer selection is heavenly too me thinks. Love the Spotted Pig ale & Spotted Pig bitter!

          1. If you don't mind going to the Spotted Pig a little early, crowds aren't a problem--I went last Friday at about 6:30 and was seated immediately (there were two of us). I think the food's great--I especially enjoyed a fig and arugula salad they were featuring as a special. Traditional cask-conditioned ales are difficult for us Americans to drink, but they are supposed to be relatively flat and warm.

            1. I haven't been to Tavern on Jane, but I love the food at The Spotted Pig. In addition to the gnudi mentioned above, the make a mean burger, smothered with a generous helping of roquefort.

              1. The shoe string fries with the burger are just gross. If you're a pub you should at least get the burger right...