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Feb 3, 2005 06:16 PM

Upper West Delivery Help

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Any suggestions on good chinese delivery on upper west side? I mean, there's Shun Lee but so pricey. Other than that, I can't find a thing.

What about Thai? I don't think a Thai restarant appears anywhere between West 59th and 96th.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Yin Cheng on Amsterdam and 68th is pretty good. Zero ambience, but good for delivery.

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    1. re: valerie

      What about River?
      345 Amsterdam Ave
      New York, NY 10024
      Cross Street: Between 76th and 77th St
      Phone: (212) 579-1888
      Never ate there, but its on my list.

      1. re: Ora

        Think that it is long out of business....

    2. Thai on UWS. Lemongrass Grill. 2534 Broadway (95 St.) Not great but OK and they deliver. 212-666-0888.

      1. A vast culinary wasteland of delivery! True! Lots of heartburn and dissapointment!

        1. Saigon Grill is the best up there. (Vietnamese though - is that close enough?)

          There's a new Thai place, Land(?), about to open up on Amsterdam btw 80/81. I spoke to them last week, and they said they were opening this week... Here's the phone number: (212) 501-8121

          I hope it's better than Lemongrass at least! (Couldn't be much worse...)


          1. For Chinese delivery try Ivy's Cafe - 154 W 72nd St -
            Phone: 212-787-3333 - Menu is on