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Upper West Delivery Help

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Any suggestions on good chinese delivery on upper west side? I mean, there's Shun Lee but so pricey. Other than that, I can't find a thing.

What about Thai? I don't think a Thai restarant appears anywhere between West 59th and 96th.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Yin Cheng on Amsterdam and 68th is pretty good. Zero ambience, but good for delivery.

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      What about River?
      345 Amsterdam Ave
      New York, NY 10024
      Cross Street: Between 76th and 77th St
      Phone: (212) 579-1888
      Never ate there, but its on my list.

      1. re: Ora

        Think that it is long out of business....

    2. Thai on UWS. Lemongrass Grill. 2534 Broadway (95 St.) Not great but OK and they deliver. 212-666-0888.

      1. A vast culinary wasteland of delivery! True! Lots of heartburn and dissapointment!

        1. Saigon Grill is the best up there. (Vietnamese though - is that close enough?)

          There's a new Thai place, Land(?), about to open up on Amsterdam btw 80/81. I spoke to them last week, and they said they were opening this week... Here's the phone number: (212) 501-8121

          I hope it's better than Lemongrass at least! (Couldn't be much worse...)

          Link: http://www.vivsguide.com

          1. For Chinese delivery try Ivy's Cafe - 154 W 72nd St -
            Phone: 212-787-3333 - Menu is on menupages.com

            1. If you figure out a decent Thai place on the UWS, clue us in.

              As for Vietnamese, Saigon Grill is terrible. I'd try Monsoon at 81st.

              The best Indian delivery is Tamarind. Gabriela's for Mexican is consistently good, if pricey.

              1. Taqueria y Fonda beats Gabriela's by a long shot for delivery, tho they are slow. . . menu is now up on menupages.

                1. Just finished an excellent takeout dinner from Land (212 501 8121). Their Pad Thai is good, and they have a really good curry chicken dish. Its spicy!

                  1. For Thai, Land is absolutely the place to order from.

                    For Chinese, I've ordered from Hunan Balcony (98th and Broadway, 212-865-0400) for years and like it. It's pretty standard fare, but they have a big selection and I like most of the items there. I used to order from Ollie's on 83rd and Broadway (also one on 66th(?) and Broadway) and they are quite good as well. Neither can be compared to Shun Lee, but both are pretty decent.