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Feb 1, 2005 06:56 AM

Is BBQ in NYC hopeless? How is BLUE SMOKE?

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From what I've heard in past posts, barbecue in NYC sounds pretty sub-par. Is this true?

What's good at Blue Smoke?

Is it good to go there with a group of co-workers? Comfortable for groups?

What are their best dishes?


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  1. i like blue smoke. i'm not sure if i'm an expert on BBQ, however. i like the texas salt and pepper ribs there, and their mac and cheese. i've liked other things too, but they come to mind at this time. i like going there. oh, the salted peanuts are good too.

    it is on the expensive side for bbq so people from bbq regions may balk at the prices, if your co-workers are from out of town. are they bbq experts? also, make sure you get a reservation, don't just drop by as it's usually packed.

    regarding your first question - is bbq in nyc hopeless? i've had stuff i've enjoyed eating here, and stuff i've not liked in texas and kansas (even is some famous places). i think people take it all a tad TOO seriously. i dunno - if i like the taste of something i'll eat it! :-) i actually like virgils too and many bbq affictionados would not be impressed. it could be considered maybe a little too bbq theme-y, with may diff styles available. it is good for groups too.

    1. I really liked Blue Smoke. They use wood fire pit smokers and sustainable meat. I shared the sampler with my boyfriend and got a bunch of sides and was not dissapointed. They have lots of different kinds of ribs, from dry rub, to moist Memphis, and long and lean St. Louis style. I liked the cheese fries, didn't like the baked beans so much, the hush puppies came out cold. Surprisingly, I have been craving their salad of a slice of iceburg lettuce and russian dressing ever since I had it.

      The atmosphere is very casual. And we walked in on a weekend night and got a table easily.

      1. New York isn't Memphis (thankfully) and never will be (thankfully) but a few places do a good job with the pig.

        I enthusiastically second the Blue Smoke recs from the last posts, but would add a plug for Dinosaur (12th Ave @ 131 st). Their big-ass pork plate (smoked shoulder) is excellent, but ribs aren't as good as blue smoke.

        Plus, there's nothing wrong with Virgil's except the location. :-)

        1. The salt and pepper beef ribs and the brisket are great at Blue Smoke (as is the atmosphere).

          1. Scroll down to my 1/27 post on the pulled pork sandwich there - very good.