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Jan 27, 2005 07:57 AM

Anyplace to get a cheap, decent lunch around BLOOMINGDALE'S (59th & Lex)?

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I don't know any places around Bloomingdale's to get a good, cheap lunch. Any suggesstions (excluding the usual fast-food chains)?

Thank you!

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  1. Patsy's Pizzeria on 3rd and 60th. Good pizza as well as fairly decent pasta dishes - most priced about $12.95 or thereabouts, which is darn cheap for the 'nabe.

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      Chola on 58th between Lex and Third has a $13.95 lunch buffet that is very good. My only complaint is that the spicing (not just the heat) can be a bit timid.I ate there today and enjoyed it, very good value considering the quality of the food. They had Balti Chicken, Chicken tikka, Lamb Madras, Tandori chicken, Kai veg curry, sag paneer, dal and potat. and beans.They give you veg fritters, chat and a dosa masala to start. It also includes,of course, rice and nan. At a late lunch today it was very quiet and the service was good.

      1. Astra, 979 Third Ave (D&D Bldg.), 14 floor, cheap restaurant, lunch weekdays

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          What kind of food they have at Astra? Thanks.

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            I don't remember too well because I don't go there that often but I seem to remember a hot dish of the day. They also have salads and maybe sandwiches. Worth going to check it out. Nice view of Manhattan and tables on the terrace when the weather is nice. Also reasonable prices. I believe it is only during the week.

        2. There's a Cuban Restaurant on 3rd & 60th that's very good and reasonable for lunch. I'm not sure of the name but it could be Cubano. It's on the northwest corner.

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            Thanks...you're a life-saver!


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              The Cuban restaurant on the west side of Third Avenue, between 60th & 61st Streets, is called Cabana.

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                I'm wondering if anyone has new recommendations around Bloomingdale's?

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                I agree with David Burke. I was there for lunch last month. David was also there. I had the cheese burger sliders, they were really good!

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                  2nd that. the pretzel panini is excellent! enjoyed the chilli too